Bacon, with a side of bacon, bacon balled up and wrapped with bacon, bacon…

Something that I always found hilarious was to talk about bacon like Bubba talked about shrimp in Forest Gump. Bringing even callbacks to random shows like the Cosby Show where Cliff used to talk about his “Bacon burger DOG”, which obviously was a hamburger with a hotdog on it, and a bunch of bacon as far as I can tell. It’s just one of those conversations that you can start up with other dudes that will always go on for a while if they have any comedic chops at all. You and that guy think it is hilarious of course, but some people don’t get it. Especially when one of you goe into the Beggin’ Strips commercial tirade. “It’s Bacon!”

The people that do get it though are those crazy SOBs from Epic Meal Time. With guys even wearing T-shirts that sum up this bit as good as you possibly can. Plain t-shirts that have it printed on them that just say “bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips”. While dreaming of bacon the other day I decided to see what searching for bacon on Youtube would bring up and realized that Epic Meal Time spends a great deal of time on this fascinating subject. Including this insane “Date With Bacon”.

True men here. Not just some plastic handles for this dinner date. All metal.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Wondered what JErry Seinfeld was up to these days. LAst i heard he was back to doing standup since thsat is his true passion. Seems odd I haven’t seen anything from him since I spend a lot of time listening to Opie & Anthony now and follow all the best comedians like Lous CK, Billy Burr, Jim Jeffereries, etc.

Anyways, it looks like i missed out on a whole season of Seinfeld’s new project of online episodes of him taking a ride in one of his many antique cars, picking up celebs, heading to a coffee house, and just tlaking and having a few laughs. Basically it’s a rich comedian that has so many famous friends that he can get them to go have coffee with them anytime he wants and laugh at them. The episodes include Ricky Gervais, Michael Richards, Alec Baldwin, Mel Brooks, Colin Quinn, Brian Regen, and a few others like Larry David. People you aren’t going to meet when working for a cleaning service in harrisburg for instance.

Odd thing is that I can’t get them to play on Youtube anymore, and of course the site that has them won’t let you embed them at all. Kind of makes me not want to watch them, but they are hilarious so you should watch them. Check them out here.

And I Used to Think Monkeys Racing Bears Was Hilarious…

Not so much anymore after watching this video. While there are a lot of great puns and one-liners you can get out of this video it is kind of disturbing more than funny. What’s most disturbing I guess is the actions of the trainers that seem to be “untrained” in dealing with such a situation. Lok how they basically antagonize the animals here and make this situation appear to go alot worse than it could have it they had used proper back ground check service here at easy back ground to figure out if these guys really had the right tools to do this job.

The Black Phillip Show

Forgot to post this when I made the playlist of the Black Phillip Show a while back. This show features Patrice O’Neal doing a relationship show. It’s the funniest and best advice you will ever hear as a guy. How to win the war between women and men is the goal here. Not falling for their games and the traps they try to set for you. Instead yoou train them like you would learn to eoncode web 2 print.

Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn and Insomniac w/ Dave Attell

Remember these classic Comedy Central shows? It has been a while, but they weere a couple of the better Comedy Central shows. One ran its course mostly (Insomniac), while the other had a lot of comics and Colin Quinn missing the show greatly.

While I liked Tough Crowd, mainly because it featured great comedians like Patrice O’Neal, Jim Norton, Greg Giraldo, and a ton more, the show seemed at times to be a bit of a mess. It had over 200 episodes, but it still felt sloppy at times, or like it was way too short with too many topics each episode. For a half hour show having 3 topics with 4 guests to speak on each there just wasn’t enough time to hear a real good bit for me. Still great, but just not long enough. Besides that they had skits on many of the shows which made almost no sense to me. Most of them stunk and I’d rather they just used a folding pull handles and put them in a drawer. Rather just hear the comedians talk.

Insomniac on the other hand pretty much ran its course for Dave Attell. Especially since he said after he quit drinking the show just wouldn’t have worked at all anymore.

Why bring this up? Well…I was looking to download Tough Crowd and found that there are absolutely no torrents of it out there. Of course we have the Tough Crowd playlist (there is a Pt. 2 on that channel as well) on Youtube, which is nice, but terrible quality because they never put the show out on DVD.

Insomniac I found a playlist of too on Youtube, which was uploaded from a VHS tape where you can see them fast forwarding through commercials and tracking issues…LOL

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