Stuff You Shouldn’t Bother Posting On Youtube and Random Weirdness Part 2

I said I would revisit this because I love looking for obscure oddities on Youtube. Once again I am going to use the random word generator to find the term to start with.

I’m not sure if this stuff shouldn’t be posted anywhere, but more in the category of “WTF!?”. Some are really horrible, but others are intoxicating.

First term today is Successor. I skipped immediately to page 14 of the search results to find something odd. As you can imagine this word shows quite a few news stories, and random entertainment videos, but it did have its charms. On the search I saw a video with 0 views so far and immediately knew by the title that this was the video I was looking for.

Red Spider Ninja’s Successor,Little Red Spider Ninja Baby

Nothing really needs to be said about that. Congrats on your kid dude, but really?

The next word is Resemblance. I have no idea what the hell this is. All I know is it is 8 minutes long and using Star Wars rolling text imposed over a picture of Gorbachev’s birth mark on his head. cheapest auto insurance

“Acid”. Most of these don’t even need to be explained.

This one is kind of trippy. I like it.

Yes the appropriate response to this video is “I hate you”

I can’t tell what is worse. That this might actually be a movie someone made, or that they are proud enough of it to make a trailer for it. Also, that the trailer had less than 150 views and zero comments.

Stuff You Shouldn’t Bother Posting On Youtube (New Idea)

Basically 95% of everything that is on there. While you see some real gems here and there it is just horrible to see what people think is interesting enough to post on youtube.

Today we are going to make some random searches and find some ridiculous and embarrassing videos of things people shouldn’t have posted. I think I will make this into a new thing because it has always fascinated me to see the oddities of people on there.

This first one isn’t really all that interesting,b ut I was thinking about this because I had this same piece of crap car so the name popped into my mind. It is the glorious Chevy Citation II. It has that “II” in it because it is twice as awesome as the “I”, although I am not sure there even was the “I”. Anyways, this guy posted a 10 MINUTE video of him just filming this old POS. I don’t even think he talks. I fast forwarded through most, but then I noticed he has a PART 2 as well. WTF is this guy doing?


Now for a random search. Want to know where I came up with this word? I went to this random word generator website and just used the first word that came up (I switched to adjectives, next will be a noun).

The secret word is: “Narrative”

I skip to page 10 of the search results and see this title: “Neo-Noir College Narrative (HD).mov”

Yes. There is absolutely no way I can see some hipster film student title and black and white video and not watch it. Our friend has 24 views before this view. What is this I don’t even…

The next secret word is “Withdrawal”

Soemthing caught my attention right away here (linus in withdrawal-from Charlie Brown), but it is something I actually wanted to watch so it doesn’t pass the test.

Dude…sell your camera and stay away from the neighborhood playground:

My god. This is a quick one so I won’t do anymore, but I will visit this idea again with WAY better results when I have more time.