Neverending Polls: Do You Read Video Game Manuals on the Crapper?

Sort of a tradition for many gamers is to test the limits of their car insurance trying to get home, head into the bathroom, settle in, and start reading their new video game manual. I know this is something I tend to do as tradition :) .

In fact, if I don’t even have to go, I may not even touch the manual until I do have to take a #2 ;) .

Many people find this very odd, but I know of many others that have this very same tradition as I do. When I get a game that does not have a game manual I am quite disappointed. Half-Life 2 was surely one of those games. Even though you know the controls for PC FPS games already, you at least want a bit of story, and/or extra tips don’t you before you play? Why not get us all more excited to play while we have our alone time with our new game?

Sports games are long-term and well read manuals in my bathroom. You can never get too many extra tips for Madden. There are so many extra elements to the game that most people never even realize unless they study the manual pretty carefully.

What do you think?