AdBlock Is Now Showing Cats Instead of Ads

If you use Adblock you have noticed this already. If you use Firefox still, you likley didn’t see this. It is thought that it was an April Fools joke, but I am seeing that it is something that will continue if you want it to. The post about it that was linked from all the ads you saw went here. So…instead of seeing an ad for an ipod touch sale you would see some creepy cats.

Basically, it works in Chrome and Safari as far as I can tell. It’s not the same edition as the Firefox one to my knowledge. So what was it like? Frankly, it was creepy as hell. Almost every picture was some freaky cat pic. Not cute kitty pictures of any sort. It was all like mean looking cats, or really ugly cats. It was really bad IMO. I turned it off after an hour since it was giving me bad vibes. If someone is gonna do this pick good looking cats for god sakes MIRITE?

Captionator: Quickmeme

We all love to make captions on pictures for a few laughs. IT’s perfect for low effort trolling of course. Anytime you don’t feel like typing out anything just browse your pictures and you have your perfect troll response to the idiot story you just read online.

So I figured I’d give a shout out to QuickMeme for once so you could help build the massive collection of captioned photos online and maybe create the next stupid meme. My personal favorites has always been “First World Problems“. You know people that have basically nothing to complain about getting upset about minuscule life dealings in between ordering pool fencing for their backyard pools.

How Have I never Heard Ieva’s Polka?

I was watching this Phoenix Wrong and saw it mention a song in the middle that they spelled “Leva’s Break”. This lead me down an odd path. So I searched that song title and it turned up little. The video creator had it wrong somehow.

Eventually after a bit of searching on not just Youtube, but Google I came to figure out that the actual song was called Ieva’s Polka, and that it had become some random sensation where it would be remixed hundreds of times. The Wiki article is pretty interesting on the history of its popularity.

The original performance here:

was heard by some anime fan and they decided to clip it and use it to make the video below.

This was the original Orihime Inoue from Bleach video:

This remix I think is the best, but the video makes it more than anything.

While I know I could just steal the audio from the Youtube video I saw in the comments that some dude named Beatnick was the one that made this version. After a bit of searching around I found the website here and was able to download it, but not before he gave me a pop up that described how he made the song and the history of it being stolen from him and claimed by another. (To download that song do the right-click save as angle. Don’t click the link as it will just start playing)

Interesting little internet history I must say. Now I have it on my iPod for my in ear headphones listening pleasure.

Poe’s Law

Not sure why I have never posted about this before, but until I made another post that referenced it I didn’t realize I hadn’t. So…what the hell is Poe’s Law?

From a trolling perspective it is one of the most difficult to recognize. Not for everyone, but there are quite a few people that can’t pick up on this kind of parody. Well…if you spend enough time online you probably already realize that a significant portion of the morons that watch and read stories of this nature can’t tell if it is real. Satire and parody for many is just as foreign as another language it appears online.

Anyways, Poe’s Law states (From RationalWiki):

“Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.”

Again, according to RationalWiki, Poe’s Law was originally formulated by Nathan Poe in August 2005. The law emerged at the Creation & Evolution forum on the website Like most such places, it had seen a large number of creationist parody postings and these parody posts were usually followed by at least one user starting a flame war (a series of angry and offensive personal attacks) thinking it was a real post. Nathan Poe summarized this pattern in his original formulation of the law mentioned above.

While that is an apt definition, I have already stated that people can’t even tell what satire is most of the time, so this definition may be a little loose, and not really describe this as well as it could.

This “Law” is almost exclusively related to religious fundamentalism, although it has expanded since that original statement was made. Taking on any maniacal fundamentalism.

So the recent post I made has a girl that whipped out her camcorders at the bottom shoeing a perfect demonstration of Poe’s Law.

For even more in depth examples of this check here. If you are bored and want to see some people that have taken it to another level just go visit the Landover Baptist Church forums and read.

What is a 919?

This post probably makes a lot more sense to men than women, but surely some of the people that will ultimately find this post were searching for it to see what the hell it meant right? You see as men we are quite shallow, and we don’t hide it. 919 is just another example of it.

919, or seen sometimes as (919) is nothing more than a very simple, and very quick rating system for a female. Sure you could use it to rate a male, but it is mainly, and supposed to be used to rate females exclusively.

As you probably guessed this numbering system was likely taken from the area codes of phone numbers and just translated to rate the looks of a woman. If you guessed that the 1 had something to do with a personality or something, think again. Men don’t care about that.
stainless steel barrels at

Here are what the numbers mean:

First number (0-9) – used to rate the woman’s face. 0 being the worst, and 9 being the perfect face.

Second Number (0, or 1) – Used solely to determine if you want to have sex with said person. 1 being a yes, and 0 being a no. If you are a real freak of a man you may use 1 for every female you rate. The most apt way to describe this notion is that the women who rate very low in the other 2 numbers, but still get a 1 here can be classified in a couple ways as listed below:

  1. Slump Buster: Made famous by Chicago Cubs 1st Baseman, Mark Grace, a slump buster is used when you need to get some superstition in your life. Having sex with a very fat, or ugly woman is no less than “Taking one for the team”. This should help in his case to hit better in his games and get off his “slump”. For regular Joes this is mostly related to not getting laid in a REALLY long time. So they just bang anyone that says yes no matter the disfigurement in hopes this will break them out of their slumps. “Taking one for the team” for a normal guy is just doing a buddy a favor and usually you will be getting a beast in the process.

    If asked about any of the above situations your reply should always be: “Fat girls need lovin’ too.”

  2. Nobody is ever going to know: It means what it says. If you happen to be out at some hick bar in a town you aren’t from you can get away with it. On a business trip? Nobody is ever going to know.

Third Number (0-9) - This number is for the body. 9 being the most perfect obviously.

So…while the middle number is probably redundant considering that if a female ranked a 919 has a perfect face AND body, only a eunuch would claim not to want to have sex with her, it is still used. Mainly I believe for those guys that have freaky tastes like fat girls. You might rate someone like Star Jones, or Orprah a 417 if you are a lover of big girls. She may not be pretty, but you like the motion of the ocean.

Quite a subjective scale obviously. We all have different tastes. Some may be huge fans of freckles and give the face a little bump for that. Others may like big ol booties, while others like them a bit more firm. Arguments can ensue over such tastes, but that middle number is almost always going to be a solid 1 no matter who it is.

Who is my 919?

Adriana Lima yeah baby :)


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