Time to Block Youtube Ads

I have seen this plugin to block Youtube ads for quite some time, but never really thought much about it until someone asked me the other day if there was a Firefox add one that would allow you to block Youtube ads. In fact I didn’t realize this extension even did that until I searched for one. You know those stupid annotations that pop up in videos all the time that link to other crap? Hell…uploaders even put these in at times because they think it adds to the video. It rarely does, and just like everything else online if you give some douchebag the ability to clutter something up they will go overboard with it. Blocking these Youtube ads is just as important IMO. People aren’t clever.

The Firefox Extension TubeStop was created originally just to stop auto-play of Youtube videos. A side benefit was that it also blocked the new Youtube ads.

How does it work? Well… TubeStop replaces YouTube’s native player on the site with the embeddable version, which has not been ad-ified yet. So when you open the video it isn’t running yet, and therefore can’t pre-load the ads. So unless you want to get links to HGH releasers while watching a video of Ahnold drinking Jack Daniel’s, you probably have a need for this Firefox add-on to block Youtube ads.

There are other side effects you will have to consider as well and decide if this is for you. Since the TubeStop add-on stops the video from auto-starting it also stops your ability to view uninterrupted play lists. This is a newer feature of Youtube that allows you to watch several videos in a row with out having to click on anything. Like when you want to watch some BS conspiracy program from Alex Jones and it is uploaded into 122 parts. It will just run straight through rather than having to find the next one every time one part ends. With the TubeStop extension you will not be able to do this. At least not yet.

Also, it doesn’t pre-load videos. So if you have a shit internet connection you probably will just want to avoid TubeStop entirely and forget about blocking the Youtube ads.

This is obviously all I have seen. If ANYONE knows a better option please let us know.

Speed Up Your Firefoxs for the Interwebs

I don’t usually put this kind of stuff up, but it does actually work. Yeah…it is old, but for some reason not many people know about it. Many, many people do this now to speed up their Firefox browser immensely. It takes seconds to change, and the benefits will last you a lifetime. Also, there are no bad side effects of this. Seriously. Firefox becomes much faster. So if you want to load up 8 tabs at a time like your favorite orovo site, download some stuff, and look at your lol myspace page you can do so in a much quicker fashion. It really works.

Now this is really easy, but I think I will provide a video companion to speed up Firefox as well so that you can actually see it in action.

The simple way to speed up Firefox with about:config is to use these few simple steps.

1) type about:config in your BROWSER ADDRESS bar. (You can actually just click on it here and it will take you there). Be aware that there will be some sort of WARNING window that will come up saying some BS about avoiding your warranty or something. Dar…Firefox is free folks.

2) A long list will come up. type pipelining in the new address bar that pops up above the list to sort it to just what you want.

3) Double-click on the network.http.pipelining line so that it become “True”. Default is “false”.

4) Double-click on the network.http.pipelining.maxrequests line and give it a value. Most people use “30″.

5) Enjoy faster surfing.

For those that want visual direction, this video is very good at explaining the hows and whys of what you are doing here as well as a few other tips:

GameFox Updated Again, and Activating CSS Stylesheets

Well…it updated a few days ago actually, but I have seen a bunch of people having problems getting their CSS style-sheets to work for it now. I did too actually *whistles innocently*.

If you don’t know what the hell GameFox is…it’s an add on for Firefox that works with the GameFAQs.com message boards…Just go read this post about the GameFaqs Gamefox Add On and come back when you are looking to figure out what the problem is unless you are a paella pan head and don’t know what the hell you are even doing here.

Apparently they wanted to make it a secret as to how to have the correct style sheet active so they didn’t give you any fancy check boxes or anything to do so. It really isn’t difficult once you figure it out though. You will feel like a moron when you see what you should be doing to activate whatever style-sheet it is you are looking for. Like I did…lol

Just look at this pic:

See those check marks on the right? No boxes, no button to tell you to activate something right? Well…i guess you don’t need any of that. Just click over in that area and they will be activated…LOL

I stared at that thing for 15 minutes trying to figure out how the heck to get DrakRedFaQs activated again after the change. As always you can get help on the unofficial GameFox forum Blood Money at GFaqs as well.

Firefox Extensions: Youplayer

Youplayer is a pretty handy Firefox extension for people that like to share videos online as much as possible. It also allows you to watch videos in a small window in like a bookmark style window to the left of your browser.

How often do you see a video posted on a board that you just love, but don’t really want to have 666 different video accounts with all the video sites to save it, or have an entire bookmark folder for them? Those hysterical Natalie Portman Rap video, George Washington video, hotties bouncing jugglies in their home gyms, etc. I know I see videos all the time that I either want to watch over and over again, or ones that people post which are just way too long to watch at one time. Like all those stupid ass conspiracy theory videos which I don’t even believe, but HAVE to watch anyways for some odd reason. I guess I watch them so that I can mock on the people that believe them.

Anyways, the extension lets you add the url and a title to it to save in one click. You can use it for virtually anything actually like a regular bookmark folder, but I like it a bit better because it has the mini-player window on it so I can listen to it if it doesn’t really need to be watched while I browse elsewhere. Download it directly here, or go to the Youplayer Page and get it there.

Linkification Firefox Extension for Text Links to Clickable Links

Linkification is another of the very useful Firefox extensions for message boards. It works in a very similar way to the Firefox extension Text to Image in that it takes links that only show up as text on boards that don’t allow links and makes them clickable. This feature is very useful as copy/pasting these links is sometimes bothersome when you are on boards such as the ones at Gamefaqs.com where you are often linked to things such as Youtube videos, self assessment quizes, and lol Myspeace pages. It is also quite useful when reading articles on various sites as many times they do not link directly and just post a text that you have to copy and paste instead.

Once installed you will see a small icon on the lower status bar of your browser, or wherever you have it. The circular icon with the “L” in it has a few functions if you right-click on it. The first is that you can blacklist a site from getting Linkified. If you have a site that maybe you do programming on, it is rather bothersome to have links in your code linkified, so it is nice to be able to blacklist that site and not have to worry about it every time. This is a permanent solution unlike the other option available there. You can simply just turn of the links on a page that have been linkified as well in that menu. Two very handy tools that you will find useful once you start to use this Firefox extension.

The other is the options menu which has far too many features to go in depth with here. Just browse around the options and see the various features it has. A couple of note is that you can turn off auto-linkification, allow text links to be visited simply by double clicking on them with out actually having them linkified and even force the links to open in new tabs or windows. More advanced options are available as well and can be reviewed in the help sections.

You can Download the Linkification Add on in the link there, or go to the Linkification Add on page directly and get it there.

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