My favorite Message Boards and Forums

I’ve had this blog up for a few months now and it is about the people that hang out on various message boards/forums and Survival on the Interwebs. Since this is what it is about I thought I would share with you a couple of the boards that I frequent most regularly and let you see where I get a lot of the ideas I put on here. I have 2 sites that I visit frequently that don’t follow the traditional Terms of Service (TOS) that you see on most pansy forums. Sure those forums are needed, but you get hassled a lot on them.

The first is a place that doesn’t allow censorship. BoredReader is somewhere you can go to speak your mind about all the idiots on the net you run into. It is a flame site that will let you actually speak your mind with out having to worry much about rules. No it isn’t a flamer site, it is a flame site to talk shit about morons. The members won’t necessarily let you get away with being a whiny bitch either and will call you out for weak posts.

The other site I like actually has some rules that you have to abide by and moderators that are a bit of a power tripping bunch, but the posters are pretty good. If you are a gamer and haven’t hear of GameFaqs you either live under a rock, or you are one of those people that just quits playing games when you get stuck because you are too lazy to find out how to get past that point. They have a message board and FAQs library for practically every video game ever made.

The board that I like best though is the Current Events board. It isn’t really about current events although it is there from time to time, but more of a place where people are there to troll. It is just a funny board to me I guess. Everyone there calls themselves CEMen. There is kind of a sister board there called Random Insanity that the 2 seem to like to troll back and forth, but that board is pure crap IMO.

There are other places out there that are way screwed up that I visit, but I don’t really want you to know about them…lol