Opie & Anthony Lawyers on a Youtube Takedown Mission

Apparently some random person got upset about a an Opie & Anthony bit/clip from a few years ago in which they make fun of someone with Cerebral Palsy. Basically normal everyday sort of thing from these guys. They offend people every second they are on the air so to bend over for such a complaint seems absurd. http://www.jacksonville-nchomesearch.com

Unfortunately, this lead to something much bigger. All our friends that give us tons of O&A shows and clips on Youtube are getting the banhammer with cease and desist orders. O&A brought it up today and fully support the fans in this argument here:

Everyone at the O&A Reddit are trying to figure out what to do. The idea seems to be that we are all going to upload a 40 minute clip of whatever we want with the title of “Opie & Anthony – Cerebral Palsy” just to make more work for the lawyers in which we aren’t actually using their material and they will be making false claims if they don’t listen to it 100%. I’m contemplating a dummy riding a bike for 40 minutes while The Benny hill theme plays in the background. Follow along on Reddit, or that video comments above to see what you can do. We lost over 150 episodes of Patrice O’Neal dudes. :(

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Reviews of the Final Season of Lost By Someone Who Has Never Seen Lost

I must admit that I haven’t actually watched Lost for 5 years. Around Christmas last year I figured it was finally time to give in and see what all the fuss was about. So I watched the first 5 seasons just in time to be ready for the Season 6 opener. Obviously I was blown away and this is one of my favorite shows ever already.

Anyone that has watched the show knows how much crazy speculation there can be among viewers. The most insane theories you can read, and you may have even wondered what someone would think if they just watched a random episode as their first Lost experience.

Wonder no more. This guy decided watch the Final Season of Lost without seeing the first 5 seasons, nor reading any background. While I think this guy actually HAS seen Lost, and is probably trying to pretend he hasn’t for comedic effect, I will let you decide. There are certain things he says, which makes me think he has seen it. Maybe you will notice some too and agree, but it is a funny read regardless. At the very least he has some pretty funny pics it looks like he made with a permanent marker and used document scanning software to post them in his blogs. They definitely add to the overall hilarity of it.

He calls Jack; Jake. This is one of the funnier parts in his description of Charlie.

The other episode feels like a Jake commercial that takes place on an airplane. This guy does it all. Gets free booze from the stewardess, makes friends with a middle aged interracial couple, saves a hobbit from choking on condom drugs;

A Treasure Trove of FAIL

One of the best things about the internet is the ease at which you can find people who are complete FAIL. Every second of the day someone is failing at life. Failing in a way that is not only humiliating, but hilarious to everyone who sees it. With the internet there is no escape from your legendary FAIL. You will be FAIL forever because you can’t take it back. No…this isn’t a public service message on how to keep from FAIL on the internet. It is to give you an idea of just how bad people fail by telling you about a site dedicated to FAIL.

The FAILBlog does a lot of things I do here, but they have a lot of FAIL already documented so there is no reason for me to copypasta all of their work and try to take credit for it now is there? They have dedicated their site to Pictures and Videos of OWNED, PWNED, and FAIL Moments. Idiots falling off swing sets, terribly placed ads that mock serious stories, etc. Simply put, they embarrass those that truly need to be embarrassed. If you found your way here you will find your way there and find what they post top notch. Hey…it will at least kill half a morning of work for you ;) .

My Blog Interview

There is a new site out that does Interviews with Bloggers from Around the Blogshpere called Blog Interview. I recently asked for an interview about this blog and it was promptly granted. I had a good time doing it and was glad to get the extra exposure. Take a look at my interview and tell me how I did.

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