Survival on the Interwebs

I’ve been posting on message boards for years. From sports boards to video game boards to Jamaican forums just to be a wise guy. What I’ve noticed is that even though each board has its own lingo, personality, and posting style, the posters all have many common traits. These traits are a way to judge these people based on what they say and this is what I like to call Message Board Psychology.

Message board psychology is just like reading people in the real world except you make much more general assumptions about people online based upon just a few posts they have made. If you have been around forums for very long you have probably noticed that there are some recurring themes as to how posters act. You can almost categorize them by some of the outlandish things they say and in your mind fit them into a perfect category of who they are outside of the world wide web. This is what I do.

I’m what you might call a “Know-it-All” or possibly a person with a “God Complex” in the internet world. On a bad day you could even call me a Troll. I have great skills with Google and can find any answer I need so no matter what anyone brings up there is an article on the internet that will give me all of my ammo. On top of that I’ve spent many years in sales so i tend to pick up on people pretty easily.

What this blog is going to be about is to show everyone what I have seen and learned on message boards based on my time there. I will discuss strategy, personalities, and even give you some of the standard breakdowns of how a typical conversation will go with the various personalities you may meet. With any luck, you will become a message board hero rather than just a troll or a victim of one.

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