Someone help Me Stop Playing Borderlands 2

I am seriously starting to worry about my gaming habits. While I play games far more than most people, and that alone is a bit of a problem, I have way too many games to be stuck in Borderlands 2 this long!

During the Steam Christmas sale as you know I bought a ton of games. Yet, since I got Borderlands 2 I haven’t been playing any of them. I’m not even sure I have finished any of them. In fact, my favorite series, the Souls”s series from From in which I adore Demon’s Souls and own both the PS3 and PC versions of Dark Souls, I have disregarded lately. I got Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition around Christmas, and I DID play it almost exclusively for a week, or so because I hadn’t done any of the DLC yet, but I didn’t even finish my first playthrough! I started Saints Row: The Third and played it for a while, but decided it was a bit tedious and boring. That it lacked a lot of things SR2 did and that it was just a bit of a letdown. That of course came in my THQ going out of business package that housed about 24 games. I haven’t even installed more than 3 of them I don’t think. I only bough tit for SR3, and the two Darksiders games. Haven’t played either of those, but tried Metro 2033 for a while. It’s OK, but it has a lot of technical problems I have read.

Then I bought the GTA IV Complete Edition a couple weeks ago just because I wanted to see what it looked like on PC. Think it cost me $7.49 for GTA IV, Lost and the Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. I played that for a bit and I do love that game, but again I got bored after a bit and went back to Borderlands 2. With the release of the new Level Cap, as well as having all 3 DLCs and Gaige, I have played all 5 characters already. I have Axton, Gaige, AND Salvador at Level 50. Salvador I’m using now and up to Level 59. I even got OCD stuck farming Badass Ranks the last couple days after I realized your could “prestige” those and i did it so now i I start over to see them pop up every minute. I’m hoping I can get that thing up to platinum and earn a platinum rings from, or something special, although I know that it will just add another +1 star in my BA Rank page. Right now I have a fancy little star with a 2 next to it on Salvador and a 1 with Gaige,and Axton. My BA Rank is now hovering around 80,000 without any cheating, or anything. I literally did these all legit. Every one of my boosts are over 15% at this point. Only thing that bugs me about these is that they don’t let you choose the one you want every time and you get stuck with crap things like recoil, accuracy, etc. instead of Crit. Damage, or gun damage. LOL I took ONE show with my Level 50 Slag Slow Hand and it ranked me up to Rank 4 of the Slag Damage challenge. :D

I just need to quit playing it. Of course another character will be out soon and of course I will buy it and start a NEW game with it. I haven’t even played some of my favorite series this year yet. I never got Dead Space 3, Far Cry 3, and most painfully Bioshock Infinite. I mean…I never miss releases of games like this. Bioshock Infinite is getting RAVE reviews too, yet I haven’t even looked at it. I absolutley LOVE Bioshock and Dead Space too, but they still aren’t in my catalog. :( Please help me quit Borderlands 2. “I can’t quit you!”

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