Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn and Insomniac w/ Dave Attell

Remember these classic Comedy Central shows? It has been a while, but they weere a couple of the better Comedy Central shows. One ran its course mostly (Insomniac), while the other had a lot of comics and Colin Quinn missing the show greatly.

While I liked Tough Crowd, mainly because it featured great comedians like Patrice O’Neal, Jim Norton, Greg Giraldo, and a ton more, the show seemed at times to be a bit of a mess. It had over 200 episodes, but it still felt sloppy at times, or like it was way too short with too many topics each episode. For a half hour show having 3 topics with 4 guests to speak on each there just wasn’t enough time to hear a real good bit for me. Still great, but just not long enough. Besides that they had skits on many of the shows which made almost no sense to me. Most of them stunk and I’d rather they just used a folding pull handles and put them in a drawer. Rather just hear the comedians talk.

Insomniac on the other hand pretty much ran its course for Dave Attell. Especially since he said after he quit drinking the show just wouldn’t have worked at all anymore.

Why bring this up? Well…I was looking to download Tough Crowd and found that there are absolutely no torrents of it out there. Of course we have the Tough Crowd playlist (there is a Pt. 2 on that channel as well) on Youtube, which is nice, but terrible quality because they never put the show out on DVD.

Insomniac I found a playlist of too on Youtube, which was uploaded from a VHS tape where you can see them fast forwarding through commercials and tracking issues…LOL

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