Update on the O&A Youtube Stuff

Last week the lawyers got to O&A Youtube uploads, but everyone went to Reddit and shared links to all of the uploads of the show. The one I wanted the most of course were the Patrice O’Neal episode since I had only gotten through about 60 of the 150 episodes he was on there. By far the best guest from an all around standpoint. Their talks got pretty deep most of the time so it was just interesting to listen to. He and Anthony were both basically racists towards each other’s races, but got along great.

They calmed down on knocking off the O&A Youtube lockdowns due to O&A being upset about them taking them down since they want that kind of promotion, but for some reason the Reddit group decided to get rid of all their links to the full episode uploads that were pulled. Thankfully people were able to get them up in The Bay, and on KAT. All the guys that uploaded these should get some free printing business cards from all of us.

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