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As always, I am very attentive to the major Steam sales. Between Summer and Winter sales I tend to buy enough games to last me for the entire year in just those few weeks alone. While I pick up a game here and there in other months, I really load up at these times and this year was no different. Actually, this year was a little different. I bought enough games to fill a couple kelty backpacks if they were actually disc based. I bought almost 40 games!

Yup…I told you I went nuts, but it is a bit misleading (I’ll explain later). Let’s start from the beginning. I bought from (Excellent site BTW. They basically just sell Steam keys, but they have great deals from codes and coupons a lot and it’s like buying from Steam) once in which I had a code for 30% off on just about anything. The game I wanted was XCom: Enemy Unknown and had been waiting for a possible 75% off on Steam, but it never came. Fortunately I saw it at something like 50% off on GMG and then ended up getting it for $17.50. This was my first game I got this year. Haven’t played it yet, but it is a strategy game with some unique features that I am excited to try. Shows you in the action and the base hub is the first of its kind. Totally worth a look.

Next up was a little browsing on Amazon where I found the Bioshock 1 AND 2 together for the ridiculous price of $5. I own both on my PS3 already and of course love them so I figured why not to see how much better I could get them to look on my PC. On top of the silly price they gave me a $5 coupon for a game on their “Editor’s Choice list. So…since I actually bought a game with that coupon I literally got the Bioshock games for free. That game would be Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. If you read my reviews you know I bought Dark Souls on release day for the PS3 so this wasn’t exactly another new game for me. I haven’t played any of the new DLC that was in this game standard so I still got something new from it. Amazon had it selling for $17.99 for some reason, which was the best deal out there. So I picked it up for $12.99. (Note: If you buy this version of Dark Souls they didn’t give you the option of better than 720p resolution. You ABSOLUTELY need to download the mod DSFix from the Dark Souls Nexus and it looks so much better. Yes there are mods for Dark Souls!)

All the rest came from Steam. When I said my purchase of 40 or so games was a bit misleading I actually got the biggest discounted publisher package I’ve ever seen. Thanks to THQ basically going broke and trying to make money in any way possible they packaged all their games for a ridiculous $24.99. Hell…I didn’t even really want any of these games that much, but I did want a couple. The package came with some AAA titles at least so I got that. Saints Row 2 and The Third, Darksiders I and II, Company of Heroes, Homefront, all the Red Faction games, Warhammer 40K games, some junk I never heard of and may never play. In total I think there were 25 games in this deal for $25. Both the Saints Row games were enough for me anyways. Darksiders I guess and a couple random RPGs. Who carees right?

Still on Steam I kept buying. I bought L.A. Noire for $5. Played it for about 2 hours and kind of hate it. Then I bought some game that isn’t really a game but a simulator. It’s called Universe: Sandbox and cost me $2.50. Basically you get to play around with the universe and change the laws of physics to see what will happen. Let it run at various time intervals. Inflate the sun to eat the solar system. Make the Earth a moon of Saturn. Endless possibilities. It’s really quite neat. You have to be sort of a geek to be into it, but if you love space stuff this is really a greeat game to mess around with.

I also got the full Walking Dead series finally. I waited and waited for them to knock it down 75%, but it never came so I just bought it for the low price of $12.50, which is a steal. I hate point and click adventure games. Like I would never guy them, or even consider them most of the time. Fortunately the first 2 episodes of this Telltale series were free for me with PS+ on the Playstation Network one month so I downloaded and played them. I was blown away by how awesome they were. They are literally better than the TV show. I believe this game actually won some GOTY’s this year as well. I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of the show. It is fantastic. Great characters, and story. The little girl in it is so adorable and great she is worth the game alone.

While I was pretty satisfied with all the game si had gotten this year, I was still waiting for the last sale of the Winter Sale. From my experience they tend to always have a few huge deals on the biggest games out there so I figured I’d be on Steam when this happened. They really didn’t have squat, but since I was on there I was one of the lucky few that caught a Steam ERROR! For about 20 minutes Steam had Sleeping Dogs on sale for 91% off! This $49.99 game was selling for $4.49! I bought it immediately and all the DLC for like a total of $11. Just a stupid deal. By the time I had received my receipt by e-mail it was selling for $17.99 LOL. Wasn’t even a game I was that interested in, but I must say that I am very impressed by it and think it really deserves some praise as a sandbox title. The combat with melee is excellent. It plays more like Batman than anything so it is actually fun to punch people out and fight. It is very polished. It isn’t as open world as the GTA games, but who cares. Good story and great fun.

So…friends, I have way too many games right now and have no idea how I am ever going to play them all. Especially since I am still playing Skyrim (bought it a week after release and just started playing it seriously last month…lol). Finally decided to mod it out and I am pretty much taking back all the negative stuff I always said about it.

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