This OUYA Console Has to be Destined for Failure Right?

Check out this console called the OUYA. Called a new kind of console and actually makes this absurd statement on their website: “OUYA was created in 2012 by Julie Uhrman, a video game industry veteran who saw an opportunity to open up the last closed game platform — the TV.”

Uhhh…what? Every console ever has use the TV as a platform. All this thing does is give you a new box that works like Steam, XBox Live, or the PS Store. In fact, it claims all the games are “free” to play and the console costs $99. Unfortunately, “free” to them means the same thing it does to every other developer that makes micro-transaction games on the other platforms already. They will have demos and games like say League of Legends (possibly), but we all know how that works. All these games will just be micro-transactions. The idea of a free game demo and then paying an activation fee is absurd to claim all your games are free. Basically it’s just another console that is destined to fail.

Nobody has even heard about this thing either outside the internet. I assume they don’t have a marketing budget to make giant signs. It’s set up with Android platform so it’s just gonna be a way to play crappy games on your TV and getting nickel and dimed to death. GREAT IDEA! Not.

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