Borderlands 2 Review-Part 2 (PC Version-Single Player)

Well…I’ve definitely played much more of B2 since my original first-impressions review a week or 2 back here. Actually, I haven’t played anything else since. That should tell you something. It’s addictive at the very least. It’s fun as well too.

Like I said in the original impressions there are a lot of upgrades and things that are just better. They absolutely didn’t blow it making this one. The only complaints i had originally are the poor inventory menus and the gun skills taken away that were in Borderlands 1. Both issues are still there, but those are really my only minor gripes. The lack of REVOLVERS is another one though. They have guns that look like them and they call them that, but they are a far cry from the badass revolvers we found in Borderlands 1. Revolvers and sniper rifles were all I used. I actually use Assault Rifles and SMGs much more in B2 than I ever did in B1. Still use Sniper rifles mostly, but I definitely use automatic weapons much more. Grenades I use WAY more.

Money isn’t much of an issue either like the 1st, although for different reasons. You don’t tend to buy as much I don’t think as the first and weapon don’t sell for nearly as much. Really the main thing to spend money on are tips for Moxxi to get her special SMGs (which are amazing, and no this is not a joke about her breasts :P ), and pumping cash into slot machines hoping for it to drop a great weapon. Slots will eat most of your cash if you are like me.

Chests aren’t as plentiful as B1 either. You can’t just save/quit/reload in New Haven over and over and run to the 3-4 nearby loot chests and get weapons. Legendaries (orange) are harder to come by as well. I have only got 2 in the entire first playthrough and 1 was from a quest! Made me want to go to the ravensburger puzzle store and look for something that gave me an actual real reward of legend.

The story is probably even better actually. It’s more fun I think and I have a lot more laughs. Of course a lot of people are complaining about the massive amount of memes found throughout the game. They really are everywhere. From Double Rainbows showing up in the sky to the new Mechromancer class (this was the Free DLC character added for pre-ordering the game, or you can buy it for $9.99 already) that has skills named after My Little Pony for all the Bronies of the world. While they are excessive in some instances, I don’t feel like they take away from the game at all. In fact I think it is adding to it. How many games do you play that you talk about Easter Eggs while you play? GTA games and any other open world game you explore you always look for this stuff. Borderlands 2 just happens to have more up to date memes. It has stuff like “I am the one who knocks!” from Breaking Bad for god sakes. How can you not like this? LOL

I mentioned in the original part that they did the same thing in B2 as they did the first with the leveling and the difficulty for Part 1. I would say it is still true, but I find that areas of Borderlands 2 tend to be a bit more difficult longer in PT. 1 even if you do the vast majority of the side quests. For B1 you had to virtually skip EVERY side quest in PT1 to make the game a challenge at all. This isn’t the case in B2 as much.

Instead of adding gun skills by use the first game had they added in “Badass Challenges” this time. They are basically the same as the challenges from B1, except this time you are awarded Badass Tokens which you can spend on your skills like Crit Hit DMG, Shield Recharge Rate, Gun Acc., Recoil Reduction, Max Health, etc. According to the game this is saved for all characters, but I haven’t used them yet to know. The challenges reset for each new character though so no worries there if you want to do them all. IT’s a nice addition I think and allows a bit more control. Well…some because they give you 5 choices per token even though there are like 15 stats you can upgrade. This makes it a bit of a luck thing getting the stats you want every time, although from my perception it appears that they try to make you level them uniformly somehow as it seems the ones I have boosted the highest rarely show up like Gun Damage, fire rate, and Crit. Hit DMG <_<

Something I should mention too is that the areas in the game are MUCH more varied and fun. Tons of different environments and much less just plain old wasteland/desert areas. Snow, Highlands, Caustic Caverns, Robotics facilities, etc. Very good variety, and I feel there are more enemies of different variety scattered better in this game than the first as well. They are also much larger than the B1 areas. You can't exactly stop quests in the middle anymore, restart from the area door and be right there. Some of these areas are HUGE and you basically don't want to go through the whole thing again to finish a quest if you quit mid-way. It definitely changes the game a bit in that regard in how often you can abuse the save and quit mechanic.

While I think this game is great fun, and very addictive to those that like to look for loot, I kind of wish they had more RPG elements in it. This doesn't mean the game isn't good enough as is, because I love it, but I would definitely like to see more of it in future games. More skills and points to use. I would like weapons to be able to be modded a bit rather than everything being completely random. Scopes, mag size, etc. Basically I want to, and I always wanted to in B1 as well, MAKE THE PERFECT GUN! Don't you just feel like that while you play these? Always finding a weapon that is awesome, but it is just not quite...perfect? I know I do. I hope they add more RPG elements to future games.

Only DLC out so far is the pre-order character Gaige the Nechromancer with her robot so not much to talk about there. She's supposedly 18,b ut she's totally a tiny girl with a short skirt if you know what i mean. Rest off the DLC you can get with the Season pass which is $30, or it is on sale a few places for $22.50. This gives them to you once released for a discount since you pay up front. They will all be $9.99 I'm guessing and they guaranteed at least 4 so you save $10 regardless if you buy that.

Overall this game was exactly what I expected and way better. Refined and updated. Only a few minor things I disliked that aren't even that bad, and a few things I would like to see in the future. While I never was that interested in this series originally, it is definitely a very fun one and totally worth the time. Even more-so if you have people to co-op play with.

Score: 9/10 MUST Buy

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