I think it is safe to say that my most anticipated video game this year is Starbound. It is being developed by some of the peopel that gave us Terraria, and looks to have a lot of similarities. Except tht Starbound will be much more in depth than Terraria ever was. Here’s the development website.

According to the site they are going to have this out in Q2 or Q3 2012, BUT they will take longer if they don’t have it looking as good as they want it by then. It is an independent development so they aren’t pressed for a hard release date at this point.

The obvious difference between Starbound and Terraria is that Starbound is a space theme. The other main difference from Terraria is that instead of just creating one world for you, in Starbound you will travel to many planets that randomly generate. Each world will have different creatures, different looks and themes, and different resources. Starbound is also dipping into the RPG elements a bit more by having actual quests for you to do. Plus it will have a journal of monsters that you can read about. You can still build stuff though so don’t worry, your t slot won’t go to waste!

I’d suggest just going to the site and looking at where they are. The support from fans is very high and it’s a pretty freindly place with lots of creativity. They even held a contest to create a monster for the game and they picked at least 4 of them. Some of the entries are amazing. Check those here.

Since Terraria cost me $2.50 and I expect this to cost no more than $20 (probably $10-15) I fully expect this game to deliver more play hours per dollar than any game besides Terraria I have ever played. I play Terraria still and that’s well into the 200 hour range already.

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