Detroit Lions Draft Brandon Inge

Most people won’t know why this is funny. Heck…it’s really not even that funny, but it is to me. You see, Brandon Inge has played for the Detroit Tigers baseball team since 2001. That’s a long time right? Excruciatingly long actually. To last that long in Major League Baseball is normally an exceptional feat. Players just don’t last this long unless they are very good, or at least provide some sort of utility for a team like being a great relief pitcher. You ask…Inge must have been good at SOMETHING right? At one time maybe. HE was really good at diving for baseballs and making it look like he was an awesome defender. Something that is sort of useful, but doesn’t keep you in the league for 10+ years normally. Especially when for the past 5 years he has had bad knees and isn’t even in the top half of defenders at his position.

So…what is he good at? Striking out on check swings is my answer.

This guy couldn’t hit. He has a career batting average of .234. ThisBA is usually not even acceptable for a catcher, and catchers aren’t really expected to be great hitters because they call the games for the pitcher and that is pretty important. Still if you hit .234 for 10 years at catcher you aren’t gonna be playing for 10 years either. You’ll be selling decorative switch plate covers at Lowe’s.

Worst part about this is that he seemed like he was a fan favorite in Detroit. PEole that didn’t really watch baseball loved him for some reason. The diving around is my best guess. This guy could go 0-4 with 3 strikeouts in a game and end up being voted Player of the Game on our local broadcasts with the little cell phone text voting they have every game. I mean this guy was actually popular. Women and old ladies loved him.

So why was he kept around so long? I have NO IDEA. All I can guess is that he mifght have sold tickets, but even that seems absurd.

Anyways, they cut his ass finally this week and he is gone FOR GOOD. Then this happened….

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