Detroit Lions Draft Brandon Inge

Most people won’t know why this is funny. Heck…it’s really not even that funny, but it is to me. You see, Brandon Inge has played for the Detroit Tigers baseball team since 2001. That’s a long time right? Excruciatingly long actually. To last that long in Major League Baseball is normally an exceptional feat. Players just don’t last this long unless they are very good, or at least provide some sort of utility for a team like being a great relief pitcher. You ask…Inge must have been good at SOMETHING right? At one time maybe. HE was really good at diving for baseballs and making it look like he was an awesome defender. Something that is sort of useful, but doesn’t keep you in the league for 10+ years normally. Especially when for the past 5 years he has had bad knees and isn’t even in the top half of defenders at his position.

So…what is he good at? Striking out on check swings is my answer.

This guy couldn’t hit. He has a career batting average of .234. ThisBA is usually not even acceptable for a catcher, and catchers aren’t really expected to be great hitters because they call the games for the pitcher and that is pretty important. Still if you hit .234 for 10 years at catcher you aren’t gonna be playing for 10 years either. You’ll be selling decorative switch plate covers at Lowe’s.

Worst part about this is that he seemed like he was a fan favorite in Detroit. PEole that didn’t really watch baseball loved him for some reason. The diving around is my best guess. This guy could go 0-4 with 3 strikeouts in a game and end up being voted Player of the Game on our local broadcasts with the little cell phone text voting they have every game. I mean this guy was actually popular. Women and old ladies loved him.

So why was he kept around so long? I have NO IDEA. All I can guess is that he mifght have sold tickets, but even that seems absurd.

Anyways, they cut his ass finally this week and he is gone FOR GOOD. Then this happened….

Creepiest and most disgusting thing on Youtube?

I can’t even get through 30 seconds of this before I have to turn it off. It’s absolutely disgusting. So creepy.

I really don’t know what this is from, but it’s the most awkward thing I have ever seen. The crowd reactions are the strangest of it all. Sometimes they laugh, and cheer, but you can tell at certain points that they just can’t really get on board with this sicko and his dialogue with these kids. I’ll bet you can’t make it past the first kid.

How can anybody play Super Mario Bros. 3

and not consider it one the the greatest games of all-time?

Yup…that’s how you do it. Post a question in the topic title that the vast majority of people will disagree with by the way it is phrased, and then post the exact opposite in the message.

See how many heart attacks you can start and end within 10 seconds by doing this. It’s good for people that don’t read the actual message in a topic too and basically can’t contain themselves long enough. They just start posting a message without even knowing what the topic is even about. The title is all they need for a long diatribe about how they are awesome and their opinion is fact. Then they get handed a flame shield, or some outdoor umbrellas to stop the storm from coming.

Dark Souls PC Version (Prepare to Die Edition)

Want to see a bunch of console players whine? Announce a PC version of the game with a bunch of new content in it. One of my favorite games this gen is easily Dark Souls. Played on the Playstation 3 as you can see from my in depth 2 part Dark Souls review a while back (Day 1 purchase before the Patch 1.05). After all sorts of pleading for a PC edition it is actually going to pay off.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is scheduled to be released 8-14-2012 at the moment. Based on all reports so far it appears the new edition will include new boss fights, new areas, and maybe even additional side quests. Now…is it going to be a better edition juiced up for PCs? As far as I can tell it is a direct port, and even the developers are having a hard time creating any sort of keyboard/mouse control scheme. They have even stated that using a controller will be recommended. No big deal, at least maybe someone will actually make the PS3 controller the chosen one for a game for once, or at the very least make it an option without having to use an emulator to make your PS3 controller work as a 360 controller.

The biggest whining though is over the extra content of course. Console gamers feeling as if they are getting the short end of the stick, while essentially being the ones that made both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls into a money maker for From Software and now Namco Bandai. It is a legitimate concern, and complaint frankly. We all know that the extra content is an incentive to buy the new PC version as well. Soemthing that is done quite often on consoles with timed release DLC, and exclusive DLC that Microsoft seems to love paying for to get the sales their way. Of course this means most of us know what is going to happen with all the additional content on the PC version. It’s going to be announced as DLC AFTER the release of the PC version in order to get more people to buy it. Then after that settles down we’ll get some BS announcement about how they have “heard your cries and want to give you what you want!”. For a price of course right? Absolutely. While many will think this should be FREE for console gamers considering they all bought it first. Highly doubtful, but you never know. (don’t get your hopes up for free Dark Souls DLC). You’ll just have to put off your new kuat bike racks purchase a couple days if it is that big a deal.

Some pretty amazing Terraria creations

I know…I’ve been talking about Terraria A LOT lately, but I just love the game. In fact I was actually following a playthrough recently for some dude on Youtube when I found their “Server Tour”. They had opened up a public server for people that follow his channel I guess and everyone just started to build.

Some of the the stuff is astounding. Beginning of the video is pointless really, but at around 17:00 there is an amazing ship structure that someone built that is definitely worth checking out. If you let it keep rolling you will see some very creative artwork of a bunch of video game characters. It’s really quite impressive. IT’s really long so be happy I gave you a time stamp. Otherwise grab your baby boy bedding and get ready for a long watch of people exploring Terraria.

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