Moving this summer

Thanks to Roman May

We always said that it would take a seriously incredible job offer for us to move away from here. We have so much family in town. We are pretty much always getting together with family or celebrating something with family. Every holiday we have a family get together. I love that my children have gotten to grow up around so much love and laughter. I was an only child and never had the experiences that my kids have gotten to have. Well, that incredible offer came and we will be moving to Beaumont at the end of this school year. I know we have time before we go, but it is like every time I see people we are saying goodbye one more time and I am getting really tired of it. It isn’t like I can pack anything either because we need everything in our house. At this point all I have done is looked into getting Green Mountain energy in Beaumont. I am ready to make the move and I don’t want to all at once.

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