Michael Winslow Does Led Zepplin (Guitar with voice)

If you have never seen the Police Academy movies you probably have no idea who this guy is. In those movies he made all kinds of ridiculously awesome sound effects using only his voice to help his academy cronies get away with stuff. Playing pranks on their superior officers and whatnot in the classic comedies. (Movies are worth a watch if you have never seen them. Surely found in bargain bins, or Friends and Family Offers somewhere.).

While it is incredible that this guy hasn’t found more success over the years, he does have some pretty awesome videos floating around doing some pretty amazing things. A recent video popped up this week in which he sings and plays guitar with his voice of the legendary Led Zepplin. I also tossed in a Jimi Hendrix impersonation too which is crazy as well. (NOTE: The National Anthem part is EXACTLY the way Hendrix played it. It’s not him screwing up.)

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Detroit Lions=Murderers? Pure Michigan

I’m sure you know by now that I am a Detroit sports slappy. Lions, Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings (if thy make the playoffs *cough*), and the Michigan Wolverines when I am not sick of college football.

So I pretty much pay attention to these teams and watch most games for the NFL and even baseball. Forgazi produces a serious of videos that are based on some innocent Michigan promo videos that are “Pure Michigan”. These videos talk about the lakes, certain attractions, steel buildings, etc. to promote tourism. Forgazi on the other hand…makes them all into a joke among other videos like mocking Lebron James.

This one is a Redux of the original Lions fans video here. This one states that the Detroit Lions are MURDERERS. Enjoy :)

The Great Rod Allen and Mario Impemba

Since I’m a big Detroit sports fan, and the Tigers are int eh playoffs, I figured I’d share some of our local flavor. Our trusty Tigers announcers may not be the flashiest guys in the business, but they have some hilarious moments in their calls. Rod Allen has a lot of silly catch phrases that people say mockingly. Mario is pretty laid back, but they tend to have a good time in the booth.

If you follow the Tigers you know them both, and you know all about Rod Allen chasing a Japanese pitcher around the field when he was in Japan. Here are a few funny videos of our dynamic duo.

Better than Rick: