I’m a Stupid Cat!

Whoops. I guess I forgot to post this a couple weeks ago. I am so ashamed as this should be one of your favorites on Youtube now.

It is “I’m a Stupid Cat!”. Nothing better than animal videos obviously, but cats seem to win the award for best animal videos. This one in particular is exactly what cats are thinking when we are serving them. Get some grad gifts full of cats.

Benni Cinkle- Can You See Me Now (Rebecca Black’s Friend from Friday)

When Rebecca Black became known all over the world for the horrendous video Friday a few months back, people began to wonder just how much this would impact music. How much further could it sink into the auto-tuned nonsense that we hear in all the pop music coming out. Small, unknown singers who pay a few thousand dollars to a place who needs abad credit small business loans to even stay open to shoot a music video and have it auto-tuned like Rebecca Black showed that you can become not just famous, but make money off of being horrible at what you are doing.

Remember the girl sitting in the backseat of the car with braces in the Friday video? That was Benni Cinkle. Many found her to be rather laid back and cool in the aftermath of all the hate by making fun of herself and taking it all in stride.

Then this past week she got in on the action herself. She has released a new video using the same technique of auto-tune and well…I need not say more.

Don’t Even Reply (E-mails from an @$$h0le)

While nothing can ever compare to trolling the Nigerian 419 scammers, this is pretty close.

Our friend over at DontEvenReply.com took the ida of trolling Cragslist to new levels. Well, not really new levels, but he actually decided to document it rather than just tell people he did it.

What you will find there is someone that contacts sellers, or buyers on Craigslist, or some other online ad place and decides to be a jerk about it all. Someone may be looking to add children’s DVDs to a community center and end up getting n e-mail from him that lists a few children’s DVDs, but sprinkled in them will be variations of the titles that end up being porno DVDs instead. The may find someone looking for buick enclave custom floor mats and tell them that they can have his, but they will be for something like a 1985 Bronco.

I’d sya to start with the best ones first. The Top Rated ones where there are about 20 to start with. They aren’t extremely long as you can imagine since most people start to get upset after the first one. Then they start to call him obscene names and eventually quit. Of course the title of the site “Don’t Even Reply” is good advice for such silliness. My personal favorite is the one where the guy orders some rocks and ends up with 2 tons of them on his front lawn when he asked for a wheelbarrow full. All this happens while he is at work so he has no idea that it is a big joke.