Big Few Months For Video Games (Skyrim, Dark Souls, etc)

Coming up are some games that are the absolute vice for me. Thee huge, open world games make me forget about everything I want to do. The only real issue between Skyrim and Dark Souls is that they are coming out within a few weeks of each other. Something that will make a bit of a problem when I play games like this for months alone.

While there are a lot of other big name action games coming out such as Uncharted 3, Gears 3, Resistance 3, etc., but at the end of the day the best games coming seem to be some sort of Action RPG, or just plain RPGs. The only real choice for me, however is whether to give Skyrim a whirl on a console for the first time, or just plain go out and buy a new PC to run it better.

Dark Souls and Skyrim though are the two and only games I have on my wishlist at the moment. I pre-ordered Dark Souls from Amazon about 2 months ago when they had the free upgrade to the Collector’s Edition ($89.99) which comes with a fancy box, game guide, soundtrack, and some other nerd stuff like art books.

Skyrim I am still deciding what version I want, and may wait until after release since I will be playing Dark Souls anyways. The other issue with Bethesda games is that after playing Fallout: New Vegas I have very little trust in their ability to put out a finely tuned product. Certainly the early pre-patch data will be engulfed in glitches so waiting a month or so may be the way to go. It has a new engine this time though so we may be getting something that is just much better and made for the current generation rather than a rehash like the Fallout games were from the Oblivion engine.

Dark Souls

What can I say about Demon’s Souls at this point that hasn’t been said? It was by far the biggest, and frankly best surprise for this gen in gaming in my opinion. To this point I may say it is my favorite game this generation still. Being a unique experience in the current high graphics, easy to play, casual gamer era, it was a breath of fresh air. Dark Souls is promised to be even more difficult than Demon’s Souls, although it is not considered a “sequel”. More of a “spiritual Successor” as Demon’s Souls was to the King’s Field series. Regardless it is pretty much a sequel if you were a fan in the gameply and style areas.

The world is supposed to be more open than Demon’s Souls with no internal hub and areas separated. If you can see mountains int he distance you can walk to them according to the developers. You will be saving at fires that you will be able to place. The online factor I am not quite sure of the overall specifics although we have seen several players chilling around a fire beacon.

Gameplay looks very similar to Demon’s Souls and the movements are very close from the gameply I have seen, and you can see in the video below. Definite changes of course, but I say that Demon’s Souls was so good that you didn’t have to do a lot anyways except clean it up a little. Some of the animations, targeting, etc.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

I didn’t buy ES IV: Oblivion until almost a year after it was released on PC. I did buy it on the PC, however so I was able to enjoy the array of amazing player mods that were released unlike our console brothers who only played there. Word is that the consoles will allow mods for Skyrim this time! Something that was a huge factor in whether I would buy it for the PC, or PS3/360. Now I am in a bit of a dilemma, although the PC version will force me to buy a new PC so it may not be that much of a dilemma :P .

The video below shows a vast world. We have seen a fight with a giant dragon in video clips where it is said this is actual combat, although I believe that it is more of a cutscene with a finishing animation than actually fighting for what we keep being shown. Still it looks awesome and different and more intense than any Oblivion battle ever was.

They have changed all the leveling and character building once again. Getting rid of things like acrobatics and the other annoying and useless skill s that we would upgrade by leaving our man swimming in a pond for 2 hours just to get their speed and stamina up. That is of course you didn’t have a PC version where you could just hit “`” and cheat in the console. Hopefully this game doesn’t make it as tedious and boring to improve skills and not make us want to cheat every time we play.

Nothing more fun than these games IMO. Huge open worlds, with tons of random quests out and about. Weapon searches, and best of all player mods. These are the kind of games that save you money. You don’t need anything else for months after buying these enormous games. About the only games I will be buying after this comes out are the bathroom variety for my iPod Touch, or your ipod nano 8g.

Crap Video Game Flashbacks: Killzone

Killzone Cover Art U.S.

Not sure why I started with bad TV shows rather than video games. TV has so little to watch in recent years with all the reality bits that I rarely watch more than a few shows a year. Video games on the other hand…I have been a gamer for nearly 20 years. Owning most consoles of any note. Except for handhelds of course. Those are for kids and ferners. Closest to a handheld I am going to get is my phone.

As for Killzone (the very first one), and really you can probably make some of these claims for all 3 of them, the game was a huge piece of mediocrity. Like all 3 of them, the first was marketed excessively. Everyone knew about it, and expected something totally new and amazing. In fact, it may be the first game that the PS2 produced that was claimed to be the true “Halo Killer” of the time. Something that clearly it was not, and in hindsight I don’t even think it was a good game.

When I bought this I think I was at the store looking to buy ANY game, like I often do when I am bored. While I tend to drop by the greatest hits, or the old classics bins on these days, if I won some extra cash playing poker the night before I may just plop down for a full priced game I hadn’t look into much. Full priced games I almost always know what I want and know if they are going to be good before I buy them. If I buy a game on release day, which I do for most I really want, I already know it is going to be worth it. RARELY have I been duped. Once in a great while I will buy a new full priced game at random when nothing at all is out of serious interest. This of course is usually based on a random idiot salesperson’s opinion on what is a good game. Typically that doesn’t actually include them having played it at all, but just what they “heard”. Killzone this angsty teen “heard” that it was Playstation’s answer to Halo from the XBox. Yeah…I don’t think so.

It’s not like I am even a big fan of Halo. I actually think it was one of the games that helped the downfall of actual challenging and fun shooters. Making every online player believe that the easier it is the better it is. Replacing skill with a high quantity of morons that think they actually have skill. Well..enough of that rant, just old gamer syndrome coming out. Can’t wait for Dark Souls.

So this game called Killzone. It was a futuristic shooter where you run in a group called the I.S.A. against these mutated humans called Helghast. The story is pretty forgettable as you can now see as I don’t care to go into it. More or less the game was supposed to look pretty and have a lot of awesome first-person shooter gameplay.

Let’s just say that this game got ranked by people that don’t know how to rate video games and should find another career like selling Wholesale Insurance. Some were harsh on it, but there were quite a few good reviews back then saying it was pretty, which if you are a serious gamer, you know is one of the least important factors in how good a game is. (See: Final Fantasy XIII). Metacritic has settled in the 60s/100 somewhere I believe so in the long run the game got it’s fair due as to how mediocre it really was.

The game was just plain mediocre. The online was even more mediocre. With the amount of hype the game had, and the next 2 in the series have had in the marketing department, everyone just expected much more. These games look good, but they are just plain boring as all hell. In Killzone you fight I swear maybe 2-3 different enemies the entire campaign. The dialogue is pathetic, and the stereotypical characters are even worse.

The funny thing is that even with how boring this game was, when Killzone 2 was released people were just as excited for it as they were the first. I didn’t even bother buying it, although I did download the demo on the PS3 when it was released. It was once again quite pretty. Had some OK gameplay, but it certainly didn’t sell me on the idea of buying it. IT was a game that I would wait on after being burned by the hype of Killzone 1. In the end I never heard anything about it that made me want to buy it, and when KZ3 came along I didn’t even notice it.

Overall, this is a series of extreme hype, and no payoff. Doing nothing special, or anything great that makes it stand above any of the other generic shooters out there other than sound and graphics. If a game has nothing going for it in the fun department, and relies only on looks and sound it should be considered a waste of money, and that is what I considered Killzone 2 hours after I had purchased it.


Noah’s Ark is one of the easier Biblical stories to question scientifically. Thinking about it rationally in any way makes it seem absolutely absurd. Just the basic logistics of it all is laughable. Then any historical, or archaeological evidence is obviously never going to be found.

While I posted a while back about Arguments for Noah’s Ark Being Real to show just how much you have to suspend logic to believe, there are better arguments. The one in the video below is clear, concise, and undeniable. Imagine using your garmin approach golf gps off of the Ark. Green is on the MOON!