Congrats JARED! LOL Subway

I saw this video a long time ago, but it makes me crack the hell up so much every time I see it. These guys are actually funny in a lot of other videos, but none of them compare to this one.

I’m sure you know who Jared from Subway is. Some fat dude ate Subway Veggie Sammiches for like 20 years and lost 250 pounds. Eating only Subway sandwiches. Surely this is a true story. Hope he has some wrinkle cream for all those stretch marks.

Here’s a Jared with Michael Phelps. So lame. I heard Jared has AIDS actually…

Congrats JARED!

It’s My Money and I Need It NOW!!

“It’s MY Money and I Need It Now!” is one of those commercials that are so incredibly annoying it hits the brilliant category. J.G. Wentworth does something. Something about getting you money that is yours and you needing it right now. I assume this means that you have some sort of settlement and you are a broke ass that can’t wait for it due to being so poor you need relief for migraines. In return for paying you off they probably take about 30% of your award and laugh at you for being such a loser who will be getting a payday loan within the week of getting your money.

Since the commercials are so annoying it is only natural that there would be several spoofs of them on Youtube. First if you haven’t seen one of these commercials prepare to be annoyed. Here is the J.G. Wentworth commercial that is all the rage:

Use it when you need it.

Here are a couple spoofs. This first one made me laugh pretty hard for a bout 45 seconds off it. I suggest you stop when that wears off as it just is way too long.

Crap TV Flashbacks: I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Outta Here!

The title alone tells you that this show sucked. It even has a “…” in it for god sakes. It wasn’t even actual celebrities. Well…none that I have ever heard of. The second season even featured someone that was the SISTER of a celebrity.

Originally developed in the United Kingdom by Granada Television for ITV and first shown in 2002, it is now produced by Granada Productions and licensed globally to countries including France, Hungary, India, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States.

The saddest part about this show? It’s still on! It returned for its tenth series on 14 November 2010.

Considering this is a UK show, odds are you haven’t heard of many of the people, but that just makes it worse. This show is so bad….

It has been criticised by the UK Secretary of State for Culture, Tessa Jowell. In an interview with the Financial Times during the second British series, she said, “If they weren’t mostly – save their blushes – has-been celebrities, there might be more interest [...] I think that if we saw many more programming hours taken over by reality TV, I hope you’d begin to see a viewers’ revolt.”

I don’t know who this is, but I love her. Damned straight people need to revolt over this reality TV lollers. These people would be lucky to get gigs selling blackhead remover.

Who are these people?

Michael Jordan Response To Lebron James Commercial

Someone has owned Lebron James. Certainly this is a spoof video that MJ has no part in, but it is one of the best made ones I have seen. If you are alive you have heard of Lebron James and his ridiculous “choice” press conference when he decided to leave the Cavs and sign with the Miami Heat and create an all-star team (They are 8-7 so far this year and look awful together BTW).

Just after he signed poor Lebron came out with a Nike commercial about all his troubles and what people were saying about him. Trying to look like a pretty cool guy. You can watch it on youtube. I don’t want to waste space on it…

Anyways, someone made an awesome spoof of it using a Michael Jordan commercial from a few years ago that just completely destroyed Lebron. It is cut perfectly and looks like a legit commercial. is 2 legit commercials, but edited well enough to look like it is fit for air.


Inception w/ Mr. Bean

Inception was the “smart guy” hit of the summer. All the intellectuals have come out to tell you that it sucks, while the average person thinks it is brilliant. Then they will proceed to tell people smarter than them that they don’t get it because they think it sucks. This is pretty much the common debate for any movie that has some sort of a “twist” in it, or is left somewhat open to interpretation.

As for the movie? Meh it was good, but not one of the best movies ever made like many would have you believe. Better than most stuff out recently that’s for sure, but I wasn’t blown away by it like the hype would suggest I should be. That’s the problem with hype. It always fails to deliver. Maybe if Leo had died before it came out I could say it is the best movie ever because him dying makes the movie better obviously. Just like how The Dark Knight is so amazing.

Anyways, Mr. Bean was supposed to be in the original production of the movie, however the rumor is they couldn’t afford his asking price and had to go one without him. this lost footage clearly shows this movie would have been much better had they secured the great Mr. Bean which I just happened to find on my reconditioned laptops and totally forgot about until now.

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