Some Weird Old Cartoon Interviews

Didn’t even realize these were there until the other day when I was looking at my Youtube subscriptions and decided to go back a little further into this guy’s videos.

Anyways, as you can see he does some sort of old 50′s style help messages as satire now, but before that he had a bunch of old interviews he did in satire of cartoon characters I found hilarious. Skeletor, Dr. Claw, Mr. Men Show, etc.

Here’s one of the Mister Men interviews of behind the scenes. Talking about drug use, searching for diets that work, racism, etc. They are great so watch the rest.

Lost Parodies

Like I’ve been saying. I’m re-watching Lost from the beginning right now so it is on my mind. In between watching episodes I go on Youtube about everyday and well…lately I just get stuck watching stuff about Lost.
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I’m not sure I like many of the parodies I’ve seen. Some guy has the search term locked up on Youtube and frankly I think almost all of them suck. He has about a million of them based on whatever the hell. Like this one from Star Wars for example:

This was the one I was looking for though:

Richard Alpert’s Badass Entrance Theme

I’ve had this video in my favorites for about a year I think, but as I am re-watching Lost from beginning to end I start remembering some of the great videos I saw over the show’s run.

Not much gets better than this one as Richard Alpert rolls into camp and lets everyone know what’s up. Clearly you can see that Juliet has orgasmed and probably excreted a little breast milk, and Sawyer most likely has too at seeing Alpert’s entrance.

Remember when Alpert was a badass instead of just a wuss?

Jorge Garcia Lost Footage (Not Really, Singing with Weezer)

I am going with a Lost theme today because well, I am rewatching it and it is what is on my mind. While this involves just one character I have noticed that Weezer is popping up quite a bit virally lately as well. I ahve seen them appear in an “auto-tune the news” video this week, and now they have Hurley singing with them. He’s actually the coverboy of their newest album, called “Hurley” ironically, so no big surprise.

This is actually pretty awesome I must say, and Jorge Garcia (Hugo) has quite a singing voice if you asked me. Maybe he can do some jingles for teenage acne in his next career move.

Speaking About Drug Use In Class, To Cops, or Employers=Trap

This comes up on occasion and people seem to get some sort of internal struggle about just admitting their use of drugs, or that they have used them in the past like it will somehow make people think they are more honest, or something. Sure they might, but do you really think any of these people want to KNOW this about you? Of course they don’t.

Save it for the people that could actually help you. Like you know the people you do drugs with…err I mean your family and friends. The only thing that that talking about drugs with authority figures, or people that could have something to do with your income, grades, etc. can do is make you look like a loser.

this question=TRAP:

Have you ever used marijuana, or any other illegal drugs?

Tell me now. Why would you answer this question honestly on an application, in an interview, IN CLASS, or when you are getting arrested for being drunk? The correct answer is: YOU DON’T. First of all, its’ against your rights, and your privacy, but most importantly it does you absolutely no good to answer that you have.

Nobody wants to hear about how you got so high on acid that you ran around the neighborhood in nothing but your snow boots shouting about how you can see Double Rainbows making love to a human centipede. This is not impressive, and certainly not funny to anyone that holds your future in their hands.

Moral of the day: Drug use is likely illegal where you live. Nobody is going to give you a medal for admitting that you have “experimented” with drugs when you are arrested, when you are talking in class, or when you are talking to your boss at work.

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