When there is nothing to say you post videos of cats. Everyone knows that posting videos of cats is the way to go. If you watched the movie Funny People you probably saw Seth Rogen watching his roommates stupid cat video and seeing it had half a million hits in less than a day. Cats are the key to the internet.

Heck you could even go to a site like and they should be using cats to market. IT’s just the right thing to do. People that even hate cats probably can’t turn away from a cat related video. The OMG Cat is prime territory for off-shoots of many .gifs, and motivational posters.

OMG Cat:

Here’s a bonus. Tiger Woods text messages with cat reaction in the background.

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  1. Red Winde Benefits on April 28th, 2010

    I’m saving all the cat videos, you have the best stuff.

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