Top 5…errr 6 Greatest Adult Cartoons of All Time

As a kid cartoons are your life. Other than a handful of actual good televisions shows in the last decade, cartoons are probably some of more entertaining forms of television for us as adults still. The last 2 decades have given us quite a few great cartoon series’ to give us real laughs, and most of them are better than the majority of human acted sitcoms. Besides maybe Seinfeld, The Office, and a few others, there aren’t many with the staying power of some of our cartoon favorites. The ones they only show late at night because they are too “controversial” for prime time, and force you to visit to make yourself look good after losing sleep.

These are my favorites if I had to think of an adult cartoon off the top of my head. These are the first 5 that popped into my head, and after reviewing them I can say they are my favorites.

6. The Critic

This one is a bit controversial because it only had 2 seasons. Two wonderfully written seasons with exceptional comedic writing. Instead of describing this one because I’m sure many of you missed it, just read my post about it from the other day.

5. Family Guy

I have a love/hate, and on/off again relationship with this show, but it still ranks up there as one of the greatest. At times it feels like very low brow comedy that just isn’t all that funny. A bit forced at times. Then it will kick back into gear and give us a great run of classic episodes and gags. Just when I think I have outgrown, or grown tired of the show they throw me a bone and land a hit to my funny bone once again to keep me coming back.

Youtube is not a friend of Family Guy so posting any opening theme, or videos is a lost cause. They will be gone by the time you watch them.

4. Beavis and Butthead

Of all the shows that have graced MTV, MTV2, and any other place this show has been, Beavis and Butthead is the only one of them that I have ever liked. Yes. MTV is utter garbage. They are basically the cause of the disease that is Reality TV. Before Mike Judge made Office Space (This movie was based on a cartoon character on Adult Swim that he created many years before), and King of the Hill.

This is the show for stoners. You get high, and watch 2 losers laugh like you and your stoned friend. They are outcasts of society and heavy metal pariah. Exactly what you need to laugh because you are a stoner and a classic metal head.

Youtube is a good friend of Beavis and Butthead though. Not only is the theme everywhere, but you can watch as many episodes as you would like.

3. King of the Hill

Speaking of Mike Judge…Yup. I wasn’t sure how high I wanted to put King of the Hill, but I felt it had a little bit on some of the others. The Critic might be up here if it lasted longer, but it didn’t. Family Guy has a lot of bad days to me so it can’t be this high. Beavis and Butthead is way too stupid to be this high.

So…King of the Hill acts as the bridge between the absurd, and the top 2. Hank Hill’s voice is the guy from Beavis and Butthead that always caught them whackin’ it in his tool shed. He is just as straight edge as that guy was, but he isn’t an old angry man anymore. He’s the typical redneck family man that isn’t a drunken yokel (well…he’s a beer drinker, but he doesn’t overindulge. Ever.)

This show does for rednecks way more than the Blue Collar Comedy Tour ever could. Make them appear funny. The only negative of this show is that I hate his wife Peggy Hill with a passion. Of course that is her role, and she is more the butt of jokes, than the comedy. Bobby, Hank, Bill, Hank, and that giblet head Dale are the true stars of the show.

Another enemy of youtube.

2. The Simpsons

Never thought that I could ever take The Simpsons off my #1 spot. It has over 20 years of comedic excellence. People many say that it has faltered, and is way past its prime, but I still watch it so it isn’t dead. It had better years than the recent seasons of course, but it is still better than most television.

The Simpsons started on The Tracey Ullman Show 100 years ago. While many people liked it, if you look back and watch any of those mini-sodes you will laugh purely because the quality was so horrible. Homer was actually a decent father. Their voices were awful. The animation was even worse. They finally came into their own when they went into syndication and got a bit of a makeover after a year, or 2.

The rest is television history. Having more characters than any show I can ever remember. Homer went from being Bart’s sidekick to becoming the reason the show was worth watching. After the brief catchphrase era of “cowabunga” and “Eat my shorts” phenomenon passed the show became the true classic that it is.

The Simpsons have had hundreds of different intros over the years, and no Youtube isn’t their friend either so video evidence is a waste of time.

1. South Park

Finally, the number one adult cartoon of all time. South Park! It took children swearing their asses off, talking about sex, and making fun of current events to finally knock off the champ.

There is probably no other comedy in the last decade that has given me more enjoyment, or laughs than South Park has. They are up to date on current events, and typically their views of them being absurd are exactly the same ideas I have. Just like Family Guy they hold nothing back when going after the absurdity of how the media portrays current events. The only difference is that they do it in a much more intelligent way. They still get the old standard fart, puke, and pee jokes in there, but they do a much getter job of capturing the funny side of anything.

Add to that the greatness of their musical numbers. Thing like “Getting Gay With Kids”, the Mormons “Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb” song, and most recently the Cartman protest song about minorities ruining his water park. While much of what they do could be considered offensive, I really don’t think any of it is. It is just well done, and funny. They aren’t really trying to offend anyone. It is comedy, and screw them for keeping it away from youtube. It’s everywhere else online though so go find it yourself.

Guitar Queer-o, Awesome-o, It’s Butters, Mr. and Mrs. Garrison, Make Love Not Warcraft, OMG THEY KILLED KENNY!


When there is nothing to say you post videos of cats. Everyone knows that posting videos of cats is the way to go. If you watched the movie Funny People you probably saw Seth Rogen watching his roommates stupid cat video and seeing it had half a million hits in less than a day. Cats are the key to the internet.

Heck you could even go to a site like and they should be using cats to market. IT’s just the right thing to do. People that even hate cats probably can’t turn away from a cat related video. The OMG Cat is prime territory for off-shoots of many .gifs, and motivational posters.

OMG Cat:

Here’s a bonus. Tiger Woods text messages with cat reaction in the background.

Crap TV Flashbacks: The Critic

The only reason I list this under “crap” is because it got canceled too soon, and I actually liked it even though “It Stinks!”. It is literally the only time I think I ever found Jon Luvitz funny in any way.

The show only had 23 episodes for god sakes! Jon Lovitz voiced the lovable, and annoying Jay Sherman, who was basically the brunt of every joke on the show. He was the lovable loser, and the guy that you make fun of because he thinks he knows everything about movies.

He didn’t actually review REAL movies. His murad reviews on his show were spoofs of other movies, but they were hilarious. Such classics as “Howard Stern’s End”, “Honey, I Ate the Kids”, and “The Cockroach King” were a few of the parodies.

The show originally aired on Fox with the other cartoon classics like the Simpsons. Going the way of Family Guy it got canceled in just its second season despite improved ratings. Who exactly was running Fox at this time anyways? They canceled some of the greatest cartoons ever made.

The Critic Intro:

If you want to actually watch some episodes there are quite a few broken into segments on Youtube still :D .

Rage Against Video Games (Silly Australians)

Apparently video games promote hate, racism, murder, rape, sexism, gang violence, lying, terrorism, sex with animals, and pottery.

A recent video posted on Youtube from the Alan Titchmarsh Show, which appears in Australlia had a panel discussion that tried to get the idea crossed that games are bad. They are addictive, promote hatred, sexism, and REWARD violence.

Yes…the woman has not had sex in 20 years most likely. They did a “study” that said that gamers are just violent. We hate everyone, and want to kill everyone because we will get a great reward like free Gil, Gold, or super sweet moves and weapons. I just robbed the merchant at 7-11 to expand the size of my back pack so I didn’t have to use any of my own gold. I duped my items in the bag and double sold them to the idiot by using a glitch. Now I have all the gold. I am where da gold at.

Take a look at this video and feel free to get VIOLENT you dirty ass gamer. Eat some colon cleansing foods to get all the ultra-violence out of you.

Been a Long Time Since I YTMND’d

While it is one of the most brilliant sites on the internet, it seems like everyone has gotten away from it for a while now. YTMND clearly has some of the best chuckles around if you are in the need for cheering up.

So…I am just going to do a little bit of random searching today and see what I can come up with that I haven’t seen before. It has been a long time so I’m sure some of these are pretty cOLD, albeit classics anyways. I use enough testosterone cream to not care what you think though.

NOTE: You have to turn off AdBlock Plus to see YTMNDs

This one I have seen before, but I never posted it. It is sick humor and is the grand Always Coca-Cola one.

This one is also along the lines of sick/twisted. Banners You Never See

Since Pokemon is back as some weirdo popular lately again here is a shout out. For Gameboy

If you can find more post them please. I don’t feel like looking anymore.

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