Get Yourself an Online Degree

Time to talk about something a bit more serious as I am looking to begin another degree soon myself. If you are like me you probably aren’t all that close to a university anywhere, so driving to school for 2 hours everyday isn’t the greatest use of your time. That is why the online degree programs at at an online university probably make a lot more sense.

Western Governors University is one of the better online universities I have seen based on the programs I have looked into. Basically I want to expand my business degree to a Master’s by adding in some tech expertise, and they have the programs that I am interested in. A Master’s in Information Technology.

Western Governors University is nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). WGU is also regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, one of the major accrediting commissions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Facebook Awesomeness

Facebook is another great place to find people saying things that other people don’t want you to hear. People always wonder why I don’t use my real name on Facebook, or why I don’t friend more people I know. It’s not that hard to figure out. I have a lot to hide :D .

Most people are too trusting on these social sites for my taste, and far too liberal with what they say, or who they say it to. While you can sop people from looking at YOUR profile on Facebook, you can’t stop anyone from tagging pics of you to other people, or saying things about you on their pages right out in the open. I’m sure we all know people that just can’t keep their mouths shut, and think they are funny in certain situations, but they clearly aren’t.

Sometimes the funny is unintentional. Sometimes it is downright cruel, and completely intentional. This first one is the unintentional variety, but funny none the less. The second one is straight mean. If that one is true that kid is going to get himself a dark circle under his eye, or much, much worse eventually.


FB-Buy American Car

My Sister is a Whore (Too big for page. Click for full image.):

My Sister is a Whore-Facebook

Communion Wafer Buyers Also Buy Astroglide

If you have ever gone to you have most likely seen that they will tell you what customers who buy the product you are looking at also bought. Most of the time it doesn’t mean a whole lot,m and the products actually fit with each other. Sometime though…the combo just makes you laugh out loud.

In the case of the Communion Wafer (Communion wafers represent the Body of Christ in a Christian Religion. Extremely holy), we see some fascination common purchases by the wafer customer.

It takes a customer review to point out the hilarity many times, and Amazon reviews are hilarious many times as you might remember from the 3 Wolf Moon T-shirt.

In the case of the Communion Wafer, this review was found to be most helpful:

I can’t be the only one to have noticed this…, January 13, 2010
By An Inquiring Mind
…but isn’t interesting that the same guys buying communion wafers are also ardent purchasers of astroglide?

Just sayin.

As you can see by the comments, there are more than a few that have poked their jabs at the Catholic priests, and any other aspect of Christianity. Why this is so funny is because Astroglide is LUBE. You know, if you know anything about lube that t is used to make teh sex a little bit more slippy slidey.

Why lube and Christianity together is comical is well…because Christianity goes out of its way to make sure that everything related to sexuality is considered sinful. Sexual thoughts, sex for pleasure instead of pro-creation, masturbation is a huge no-no. The Catholic religion in particular makes sex something that any good Catholic should feel guilty about at all times, and surely will get them sent to hell if they even think about it. That’s right, you can’t even lust after a hot woman if you are Catholic because god will know you are and that is a sin. Makes you wonder why they even buy things like anti wrinkle face cream and super sweet clothes to look impressive at church on Sundays.

Besides the Astroglide being a top customer purchase by those who want Jesus in a cracker box, it appears that even the most devout followers (you must be devout if you are actually buying Christ wafers aren’t you?) have some misgivings about their faith. They are breaking a major law of the Bible and looking into FALSE GODS! Yes, that’s right. One of the other purchases are The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! A false religion that was invented by people that are atheist to make fun of other religions.

and of course good Christians can’t possibly forget about the Jesus Killer Jews now can they? This has to be some sort of sub-conscious purchase here. Customers also bought the DVD entitle “Holocaust”…LMAO

There are plenty of other great reviews on the Communion Wafers page, so spend some time there checking them out. I just posted the “Most helpful” review, but others have joined seeking attention as well.

Jimmy Kimmel Owns Jay Leno

One of the dumbest things in recent celeb days was the Conan O’Brien vs. Jay Leno debacle. For background, Leno promised Conan the Tonight Show when he left. Then when Conan got the Tonight Show, Leno decided he didn’t really want to retire and tried to start a prime time/late night show. He is failing miserably. Now he and NBC are trying to screw Conan over and take back the late night time slot. Conan is pissed and will likely be bought out of his contract and end up with a new show on Fox and about $30 Million in his pocket.

For some odd reason, Leno decided to have Jimmy Kimmel come on his show this week and take his 10 questions interview via satellite instead of hooking him up with a new york budget hotel. Kimmel goes on to own him throughout:

Crap TV Flashbacks: Scrubs-Med School

Yeah…this show is on the air right now, but I am already finding it quite safe to say that this is one of the worst shows ever made. For any fan of Scrubs, this show is a complete embarrassment. You can feel that characters dying while you watch. J.D. has gone from being somewhat random, and silly, to being completely full blown homosexual, and “baby voice guy” 24/7.

Do yourself a favor and never, ever, ever watch this show. It is disgusting. When these interns give photo graduation announcements nobody is gonna be there, if the show even makes it that far.

You have been warned.

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