Get Ready For Comedy Galore: Sarah Palin Workign For Fox News

The past election season was highlighted with a plethora of great comedic moments. Highlighted by Joe the Plumber, those great comedy speeches that Obama and McCain gave at the Rich Guy dinner, and of course the comedic legend herself, Ms. Sarah Palin.

So…I suppose you shouldn’t be shocked that I am rather excited about the re-emergence of Sarah Palin into the news world. After QUITTING her job as the Alaska Governor, Palin wrote a book that probably made everyone who read it go into a state of brain hurt that ended in a coma.

Now Sarah Palin has been added to the Fox News line up as a Analyst. That’s right a commentator and an analyst.

Going back to the archives is always pretty great when it comes to Palin. In particular their coverage of how dumb she is perceived to be. Yet, they bring her on as an “expert” who we are supposed to take seriously. Take a look:

I’m sure more comedy moments will be here soon. If you watched her first appearance on The Factor with Bill O’Reilly that announced she was on you probably got a pretty good taste already. Bill had to actually cut her off because she was rambling on with stupid. I doubt she knows the difference between a nordictrack incline trainer, and an igloo.

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