Crap TV Flashbacks: Baby Bob

It is always great for advertising agencies that they have come up with something so great that someone actually believes there should be a TV show made based on them. Baby Bob is one of those shows.

Baby Bob was a character that appeared in some commercials for Some obxolete .cm I imagine, but I remember seein the baby on TV in commercials. In fact people still use this idea. I believe E*Trade or some other online stock service uses it still.

Anyways, the series centered around first-time parents Walter Spencer (Adam Arkin), his wife Lizzy (Joely Fisher) and their six-month-old baby Bob (voiced by Ken Hudson Campbell). After discovering that their son can talk like an adult, Walter decides that the they must keep it a secret. Lizzy, however, wants to show off Bob’s talking skills, especially to her mother Madeline (Holland Taylor) who constantly brags about her other grandchildren. Supporting cast members included Elliot Gould as Walter’s father Sam and Marissa Tait as Bob’s babysitter Teala.

Wheeeeeee….what a great show! Rather watch a quick weight loss show personally.

Unfortunately for you I can’t find the intro vid today.

Welcome Home Daddy…Errr…Not Daddy, I mean Moneybags

It has to be one of the biggest fears of soldiers off to war. Leaving your woman behind for a year, or two just hoping that they can stomach it, and remain faithful. For the woman to stay home and wonder about whether their husband/boyfriend is ever going t come back in one piece, or even alive has to be one of the most awful things to deal with.

So…when they do finally come him, it is time to go all out with the welcome home party. This photo below shows just how far some will go to welcome their man back home. This woman certainly hasn’t been taking slimquick extreme review seriously. Oh wait…she’s preggo. How long will it take you to figure out why this picture is so funny?

Welcome Home Daddy

Crap TV Flashbacks: That ’80s Show

Everyone has seen, and probably enjoyed That ’70s Show. At least up until the past few seasons where everyone got out of high school, and decided to become a bunch of whiny losers with adding a bunch of terrible characters. Surely, the first 3-4 seasons were top notch though.

In true Fox Network style, they tried to capitalize on the success of That ’70s Show in 2002 with an obvious next step: That ’80s Show. They failed miserably. That ’80s Show failed to gain a wide audience and was canceled by Fox after 13 episodes, due to low ratings.

That ’80s Show (Wiki link) was set in 1984, and evolved around the lives of a group of friends living in San Diego, California. I think I saw maybe 1, or 2 episodes, but like everyone else I knew this show was garbage the first time I saw it. Of course i must have gave them a bit of leeway and tuned in for the 2nd episode before I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I would rather spend time searching for deals on lipozene, than bother watching this show again.

This is the intro to the FINAL Episode of the show. #13:

Get Ready For Comedy Galore: Sarah Palin Workign For Fox News

The past election season was highlighted with a plethora of great comedic moments. Highlighted by Joe the Plumber, those great comedy speeches that Obama and McCain gave at the Rich Guy dinner, and of course the comedic legend herself, Ms. Sarah Palin.

So…I suppose you shouldn’t be shocked that I am rather excited about the re-emergence of Sarah Palin into the news world. After QUITTING her job as the Alaska Governor, Palin wrote a book that probably made everyone who read it go into a state of brain hurt that ended in a coma.

Now Sarah Palin has been added to the Fox News line up as a Analyst. That’s right a commentator and an analyst.

Going back to the archives is always pretty great when it comes to Palin. In particular their coverage of how dumb she is perceived to be. Yet, they bring her on as an “expert” who we are supposed to take seriously. Take a look:

I’m sure more comedy moments will be here soon. If you watched her first appearance on The Factor with Bill O’Reilly that announced she was on you probably got a pretty good taste already. Bill had to actually cut her off because she was rambling on with stupid. I doubt she knows the difference between a nordictrack incline trainer, and an igloo.

Detroit Lions 0-16 Tribute

Watching these NFL playoffs this year I always have to have a tear for my Detroit Lions. For myself as well since I may never get to see the Lions in the playoffs ever again.

For some reason I feel like being depressed about the Lions right now so I am going to give them a proper tribute for the only real accomplishment they have had in my lifetime.

This is obviously over a year old, but I still need to remind myself why I watch this team. They are the greatest losers in sports history. So lovable. Fans so fat and in need of cellulite gel. Fans so drunk. So, so drunk they hook up with the tubbies.

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