Dock Ellis and the LSD No-hitter

As a big sports fan, I found myself surprised that I had never heard about this before. Until I saw the video below I had never heard about any claims of a pitcher throwing a no-hitter while being on LSD. It must be true too because even claims it is true.

While the story itself is amazing at the outset, Snopes does claim it as true with a little bit of a skeptical eye. Saying that the game was probably too late in the day for it to be at the height of his LSD high, but even so…the dude said he was on LSD that day, and that stuff doesn’t just “wear off”. AT least he figured out he had to pitch that day instead of thinking he had to make a Newark job search, or something.

The video below was made based on an interview that Dock Ellis gave before he died in which he talked about pitching the no-hitter on LSD. It is rather comical.

OH OH I made a Touchdown!

Most Racist Place? The Internet.

Anonymity is the best shield for the racist. Obviously, the majority of racists are cowards. They aren’t the grand old racists of days past like your grandparents who openly use racial slurs in casual conversation. People now have been trained in political correctness to act as if they aren’t really racist. The internet is another story. It takes racism to the extreme, and also takes Political Correctness and racial defense to another level.

Many would argue that everyone is racist to some degree. Either be it from experience in life, or how races are treated by the media government, etc. drilling into their subconscious. The world is so politically correct now that it almost seems that political correctness has become backhanded racism. For anyone that doesn’t understand that just think about it. Calling attention to someone’s race, or ethnicity rather than who they are as a person is just as bad, if not worse, since people that do it actually believe they are doing it out of respect. Why is it that when say a black guy accomplishes something they have to tell us he is black, or the “first black person to…”? Completely unnecessary, and it just continues to fuel the need to label races rather than pat a guy on the back for just doing a good job. IT just continues the sub-conscious thought process of viewing everyone through a racial prism rather than as individuals that are different based on who they are, and not what color they are.

Sorry, this went a totally different direction than I thought it would when I started this topic. The second I start thinking about Political Correctness I get pissed off and have to rant about it.

Anyways, not sure what to talk about now as I completely changed my mind on what I wanted to say. The whole point was to talk about how much more racist people were online than the real world, but I think that anyone reading this already knows that if they are racist in any way. The internet is a place where you can just spew out whatever you are thinking without having to filter it because there is very little reason to worry about the consequences. Political correctness has done nothing more than make people give pause to their natural instincts for fear of being called on it (ie. racists are cowards). In the end it breeds sub-conscious hate, and doesn’t bring forth REAL discussion out in the the open.

People Actually Troll Actors/Actresses IMDb Boards When They Die

If you are a real troll this is what you have to do I guess. I noticed this the other day when I was on looking up a movie I was gonna download and wanted to see who was in it. Then I noticed Brittany Murphy was in it so I figured I’d look at her board there since she just died last week.

While I wasn’t actually surprised I had never thought of looking at the IMDb boards when a celebrity dies. I have written before saying that the dumbest people on the internet frequent and that it was a troll paradise, but even I didn’t think of something this bad. I’ve seen people doing things like talking about selling international travel insurance on there when someone got into a plane crash, but it never really lasted very long. Now every celeb death on there ends up being compared to Michael Jackson and people talk about who’s death was a bigger deal. I mean serious, there are people that actually think Brittany Murphy was a bigger deal than Michael Jackson.

While most of them were pretty weak, one guy had me rolling pretty hard. It wasn’t really “trolling” as it was just funny. Odds are the guy was completely full of crap, but someone posted a few pics of Brittany from movies she was in where she was dead in the picture. Some idiot was asking if they should report the pics to IMDb so they would take them down (LMAO).

Anyways, this guy comes in and ask if there are anymore. Someone calls him sick and then he just goes on to talk about how he has Level 2 Necrophilia (sex with dead people…dar) and that he gets off when someone catches him. Preferably the family/friends of the deceased. It was just so over the top I laughed out loud.

It is actually still going on over there. People have been trolling the site for a good few days now and even over Christmas. It’s starting to get rather sad actually. These guys aren’t funny trolls at this point. They are certifiable.

College Kids and Under Are Either Socialists, or Communists

Almost all message board users who have A) Never had a job, or B) Have rich parents are either Communists, or Socialists.

If you ever see a conversation about economic governmental theory on a board with younger users, it is probable that most of these youngters are either spouting Socialism, or Communism ideals like they just “figured it all out”.

It’s laughable in every instance. They are completely clueless in how the world actually works.

Capitalism on the other hand is seen as pure evil. Here are some random examples of Capitalistic hate:

Pro-Capitalism Guy: People that say that Capitalism “is harder for poor people blah blah…”

The REAL answer is that it is “harder for STUPID and LAZY people…”

Anti-Capitalism Guy: The problem is, stupid and lazy people with rich parents have it easier than stupid and lazy people with poor parents.

Pro-Capitalism Guy: Are stupid and lazy people slaves? They have human rights. They don’t deserve everything that costs money free.

Anti-Capitalism Guy: But the stupid and lazy people with large inheritances get it free anyway.

Pro-Capitalism Guy: Fortunately, everyone else doesn’t have to PAY for those people being stupid and lazy.

Anti-Capitalism Guy: That’s obvious. I’m still saying it ends up in unfair advantages.

Which is why there might as well be a 100% inheritance tax. When you’re dead you no longer have the capacity to care about money.

Pro-Capitalism Guy: Wow…you are an idiot.

Basically most people that are poor online hate rich people no matter what and have Robin Hood syndrome. While nobody ever said Capitalism is perfect, it’s not bad for the reasons most of these morons think it is bad. At least in a Capitalistic society you can get stuff like cheap weight loss pills because of competition if you are fat and lazy. Illogical fools.

Share Your Best Drinking Stories

As an ex-super drunk, I have my share of drunken escapades. Be it making stupid decisions with the law, women, or just plain being an idiot. I could probably write a book about it actually, but it won’t be today. I am a bit of a blowhard so I don’t actually feel like writing out a 50 page report at this time. Maybe another day, but not today. This is to share some of the best drunk stories you have participate in, or at least heard about.

NOTE: If someone posts a drinking story on the internet the odds that it is 100% true is very low. Beside the fact that the person was probably blacked out at the time it happened, it certainly should be noted that exaggerating for attention is welcomed regardless if it adds to the hilarity. Lying is not discouraged, although it damn well better be worth it, like adding something about a guy taking a dump on the kitchen tiles because he didn’t know where he was. Also, I imagine some of this is NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

If you feel the need to post one of your drunk stories in the comments then by all means have at it. Just realize that I have comments that post links in them (due to massive spam here) set for moderation so it may get completely lost as I don’t regularly look at the queued up comments.

So…post away…..

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