Top 10 Worst Movie Titles Ever

Earlier today I was browsing over Science Daily and saw one of the worst article titles I have ever seen. Small Hairy Balls Hide Foul-Tasting Healthful Enzymes . Whaaa!? They even had a weird picture with frowning faces. I won’t stealit go to the article. Maybe you will learn something that you can talk about at the bar and be dirty, but smart ;) .

Anyways…..Since it is probably incredibly hard to find the worst article titles I have ever seen (I have probably written more than my share), I figured that I may as well go with a top 10 worst movie titles of all time list before my orlando vacations this week :D . I linked them all to for your curiosity.

10. Surf Nazis Must Die
9. Operation Dumbo Drop
8. The Men Who Stare At Goats (This is out now)
7. Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx
6. Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid (Released as Zeisters)
5. Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter
4. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
3. Phffft!
2. Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
1. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies

Christian Side Hug

Well…I don’t find this video impressive, or even really that funny. I guess you could say it is funny that these guys take themselves seriously, but it is more sad than even close to being funny.

So why am I posting it? Well…like all other videos that are completely embarrassing, and utterly ridiculous, the uploaders to Youtube decided to take the coward’s way out and disable both rating s and comments. When that happens all the internet RAGE that is typically associated with these videos is lost. The comedy of the comments that others post is lost.

This means that I feel it needs to at least be posted SOMEWHERE so that if you run a crossed it, watch it, throw up in your mouth, laugh, or get internet RAGE’D, you should at least be able to share your comments on it and make me laugh.

So without further a do, a video that is SWEEPING THE NATION, and helping to Free People a crossed the word, the great, the immortal, Christian Side Hug!


How Gangsta Are You?

It should come as no surprise that people want to think of themselves as super bad asses. This site (link is now useless) has tried to make it cool to beat a woman, and then tell you that you should get help for it by enrolling in some sort of domestic abuse program. You can fire up this “game” on your netbooks and slap a woman until she can take no more in hopes that you will realize you need help. Then you get your 100% Gangsta! Rating, which becomes 100% IDIOT! right away as you now get to watch the woman you just beat silly cry on the floor. Nobody knows really since the site is in Dutch, or some other language. They actually call the site “Hit the Bitch!”.

It appears that the site has stopped all non-Danish traffic recently if you go to that link above. They have this message on the page if you go to the link:

Dear non-danish visitor,

Due to an extremely high amount of traffic “Hit the Bitch” has been limited to only allow users from Denmark.

However, domestic violence is a global problem, so please support the fight against it in your local country.

Thanks for your interest.

Kind regards
Children exposed to Violence at Home

Of course someone on Youtube has already taken the time to record themselves playing the game with their own take on it all. They come to the conclusion that I did: “How does playing a simulation of beating a woman going to help you decide that beating women is a bad thing?”.

It appears from the comments of the video that most people find it a “fun” game and full of lulz. This isn’t the first to take an obnoxious approach to this kind of thing. I have seen places use some very disturbing picture sets to get the point a crossed that being a pedo is bad. Ummm really? They show a normal kid playing with a truck, and the next thing you know they have a pic of the kid playing with the truck, but instead super impose a dude in a chair with the kid’s head between his legs? Are you kidding me?

Anyways, this is the gist of the game in the video below since you probably can’t actually get to the site anymore.

Play Him Off Keyboard Cat!

It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while a legendary internet sensation is born that will live forever. These are the ones that are useful for every type of internet posting that you can imagine. The formula is so easy to use that anyone with a video editor has the opportunity to get in on the action, and have a 99% success rate. These videos just can’t make a better marriage to the collection of Animals Riding Things and Crapping videos when it comes to showing your disgust with someone, or to just find a way to laugh at any situation.

Our friend the Keyboard Cat has been around just long enough now to have 4534143 videos with him in it, and therefore making it time to start posting some of the best. Starting back in February 2009 some guy took the original charlie schmidt’s “cool cat” video and got permission to use it in a Youtube mash up, and now for 6 months we have been blessed by every lulz-seeker on Youtube.

This first one is a vortex of internet win. It brings 2 of the greatest memes together in one video. Chuck Norris and Keyboard Cat. The next one marries my favorite YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER with Keyboard cat. Then we just keep going with so much lollercoptors that nothing needs to be said.

Play Haley off Keyboard Cat! (Haley Joel “I see Dead People” Osment has AIDS)

Remember Miss South Carolina and the most embarrassing thing you have ever seen? Keyboard cat saves the day. Play her off Keyboard Cat!

Play the Virgin off Keyboard Cat!

Not only is keyboard cat awesome just on his own, but he even has a patented move. The wind up! He is always ready. Always. Take alook at some amazing keyboard cat wind ups.

Play Him Off Keyboard Cat! The Passout

Play your brother Pinky Off Keyboard Cat!

Here is a wind up of one of the most famous bloggers in the world Michael Arrington from the blog Tech Crunch, as he is being booted off the Gillmor Gang. Keyboard Cat just does what has to be done.

Well…there is a start for you. I’m sure you can follow the trail and find as many of these you want until you have dark circles under eyes, and you are sick of Keyboard Cat (you won’t get sick of Keyboard Cat).

Wikipedia Claims Count Chocula is the Strongest Vampire

I noticed today that Wikipedia, the website here all information is 100% correct, 100% of the time, has listed Count Chocula in their vampire chart. From how it looks to me, he is the strongest, and greatest vampire.

he has no known weaknesses.

he has every vampire power.

he also has the power to levitate marshmallows.

So if you were to compare him to every vampire out there, he clearly looks as if he is the greatest. Of course he even makes super sweet cereal as well.


Not even getting jobs philadelphia would be enough to destroy his soul.

Look at these crap cereal toys:

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