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One of my favorite past times on is to just keep following the oddest “Related Videos” on every Youtube video I see. Every once in a while it comes up with something really outstanding in the comedic realm. Sometimes it even brings me to something interesting, or just plain awesome in any event.

Yesterday I had a recommended video on my page entitled “World’s Fastest Beatboxer”. No idea how this came up, but it was there, and well I m a sucker for a good title, and an odd topic. This was the first video I looked at in this realm leading me along the way to things like Matisyahu (The jewish rapper/raggae/beat box guy. He’s awesome if you never listened.). Until I found something even more awesome I had never seen. A bunch of dudes taking instruments like the cello and the flute to new levels by playing them entirely different than the classical form.

The big star of this movement is this guy called Greg Pattillo, who does beatboxning while he plays the flute. He became a Youtube legend and now makes his living from the exposure. Certainly has something to protect with life insurance by now. He does some pretty awesome stuff like this Super Mario Bros. beatbox on his flute.

beatboxing flute super mario brothers theme

This one is my favorite:

Not only is this guy in the group, but they actually have some pretty kick ass sets as a trio. Check out this one they have. The wind kind of sucks, but these guys are pretty amazing:

There are a bunch of these guys here doing various stuff. There is one guy that does some very annoying sounds with a flute, but takes it to levels nobody can emulate. The CD tracks they have are very atmospheric and just plain different.

Fallout 3: Ronald Laren

Just playing through Fallout 3 again recently because of all the new Downloadable Content (DLC) I just had to discuss the man named Ronald Laren. He has some of the most memorable lines in the game, and they always make me laugh.

This time playing through (probably my 5th playthrough of the game), I decided to play as a female character once again, but with the rise in cap level from 20-30 because of the Broken Steel DLC I am able to use some perks that I normally just disregard. Specifically the Black Widow Perk. This perk allows you to do 10% more damage against male enemies, but more importantly in the case of Ronald Laren, it allows you to have some unique speech options.

So…our boy Ronald is living in the 2 house town of Girdershade with the clueless, Nuka-Cola addict, Sierra Petrovita. Ronald wants to “plow her bean filed”, and do the “horizontal bop” with her, but she is just oblivious to his obvious charms.

One of the quests involves Sierra asking you to find her 30 bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum for her Nuka-Cola machine, but Ronald isn’t too excited about this because he doesn’t want you to hook up with his woman, or show him up. The Quantum is a very irradiated version of Nuka-Cola that glows int he dark. It is basically a great substitute for weight loss supplements in the Capital Wasteland. Well..other than running for your life.

While I could just post his epic lines it is better to show some hilarious video of the Ronald Laren interaction with a female character who has the Black Widow Perk.

Ronald Laren the Prervert ( I found this one the funniest with the uploader’s comments):

He runs off and gets killed after this in his excitement. Poor, horny, bastard.

This one is what happens if you actually strike the deal with him, and he pretends he went and got them all:

Play Ultimate Flash Sonic the Hedgehog

This game is great. Not sure how well the password function works on it, but it is fun none the less. You can play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Cream. May take a few seconds to load, but worth the wait.

UPDATE: There is a new version with a much bigger screen now that I am putting on here. The game is exactly the same, it just doesn’t have the tiny screen anymore. Controls are exactly the same as before, and yes it still takes a few seconds to load. Faster than anstalling an MWF filter.

Play Pac Man Online
Play Tetris Online
Play Super Mario World Online
Play Duck Hunt Online
Play Space Invaders Online
Play Asteroids Online
Play BurgerTime Online
Play Centipede Online
Play Pong Online

Balloon Boy Family Kids Rap Video

If it wasn’t stupid enough that the Heene family tried to pull off a hoax by staging a runaway balloon, and claiming that their 6-year old on, Falcon was a board, I came a crossed this video that their kids made a while back. Obviously this family is well versed in trying to gain publicity, and they were even on the show Wife Swap. You know that stupid reality show where one normal wife goes to a crazy family to live for a while, and the crazy wife goes to the normal family and people get to se the hijinks ensue. It is awful.

Think this family isn’t media savvy? The original video they posted was “removed by user” on Youtube after the incident. Surely because people are so obnoxious that they probably spent all day harassing the family on there. The kid is 6-years old mind you, and his brothers are around the same. Clearly out of their baby strollers and men, ready for all the insults that the average internet tough guys can dole out.

In good old internet troll fashion it has been re-posted by someone else. How long it stays is anyone’s guess. Here is this insane video. Watch at about 1:03 for a celebrity appearance.

Wife Swap Heene boys Not Pussified music video

Worst TV Commercials Ever

Many people say these suck. I say they are hidden gems that everyone should enjoy. The worse they are the better in my opinion. I just looked for some random ones a crossed the world to see what I could find. While I know I have seen some great adhd in children ads in the past, I couldn’t find the one I was looking for, so I just went random and pulled these gems out of the pile to show to the people.

People in Dog Costumes:

Lord Jim Hairpieces:

Waste some cash:

Love this guy and his burning cars:

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