Kanye West – Imma Let You Finish Fad Videos, Links

It has been only about 2 weeks since Kanye West crashed the award speech of Taylor Swift on the MTV Video Music Awards and the “Imma Let You Finish” fad has reached mighty proportions already. If you have no idea why you are seeing people troll you on message boards, or even offline lately with the “Yo…I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but…” line, it is time that you pay attention because Rick Astley’s Rickrolls have some competition in Fadville.

While Taylor Swift was giving her speech for the Best Female Video Award at the MTV VMAs last week, Kanye West stormed the stage, grabbed the mic, and said the now infamous lines:

“Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of da best videos of all times. Of All Times!”

See video here as MTV is mean and won’t let people post it anywhere.

LOL…one of da best rants of all times.

So…on we go. Every geek with MS Paint, or Photoshop has made a pic with this on it and Kanye interrupting a great feat in history.

It’s to the point where you can see these in every other topic on more loose boards. There are so many out there that I can’t even post them all. The most famous thus far are probably the Patrick Swayze death interruption saying the Michael Jackson had the best death this year, The second Kanye, Berlin Wall, etc. They will go on for years now. This is a fad that will never die. Expect to see a YTMND like site popping up soon. Actually it appears someone must have bought immaletyoufinish.com and reditrected it to this KanyeGate site which has 100s of Kanye Imma Let You Finish pics. Not sure why dude didn’t just use the actual url…? Someone Beat him to it using IMAletyoufinish.com. Who will win the war? I’m going with Imma. Imma is the right one ;) .

This video shows most of the early ones with a new APT track called “Imma Let You Finish”:

I know u just lost a lot of weight and gained it back Oprah, and imma let you finish, but deez diet pills hooked me up.

Neverending Hitler Youtubes: Confronts Rosenberg

Most of you probably don’t know who Michael Rosenberg is. Even if you are football fans it isn’t likely as he is a columnist for the Detroit Free Press. He put out this story a couple weeks back about University of Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez that has been proven wrong. In fact almost everyone that has looked into the accusations has proven that Rosenberg pretty much didn’t do any fact checking at all. I’m actually surprised it is still up and he isn’t out looking for car accessories on his long trip to obscurity.

Since then the Michigan Wolverine faithful have pretty much started to pile on. They repeatedly call him out as a guy that has a serious axe to grind with the Rich Rod (Dick Rod if you are a Michigan State fan), and has had one since he got the job last year. Fans are pretty happy right now after many wanted Rodriguez shipped out of town at the end of last season. Amazing what a couple of wins will do for you :) .

So…another Hitler video popped up to mock the fiasco. Funnily enough I actually saw this movie I think on a Netflix “Watch it Now” a year before these started popping up and never thought twice about the movie. Of course I immediately recognized it when they did start coming though. This time Hitler is not actually supposed to be Hitler. He is playing the role of Rosenberg, who is confronted by the staff at the Free Press…lol

Funniest Press Releases Ever

While reading about a press release a guy came up with to help market his book I sort of wondered what kind of funny press releases had been documented over the years. At least those I can actually find on the internet that people have preserved. The guy that gave me the idea doesn’t really qualify, but his press release was none the less “creative”. His was just title “I will Run Naked Through Times Square if My Book Doesn’t Reach the top 100 best seller’s list”. Like I said…not really funny, but it gave me the idea to search for the ones that follow regardless.

Keep in mind that all of these were actual, and serious press releases unless otherwise indicated in the description. Some are too long to post, but they will pop up in a new tab/window if you click the link so you can refer back to this post and read the next one without having to find your way back in a silly way.

The first and one I found to likely be the funniest of them all, is this one that was released by a U.S. Senator. To set this up, Senator Howell Heflin was sitting with Alabama reporters in the Capitol back in 1994 having lunch. During the lunch he got the sniffles, and looked to be pulling out a handkerchief. Instead he actually pulled out a pair of woman’s panties to the astonishment of his dinner companions. This was the press release that followed:

JULY 19, 1994

I mistakenly picked up a pair of my wife’s white panties and put them in my pocket while I was rushing out the door to go to work.

Rather than take a chance on being embarrassed again, I’m going to start buying colored handkerchiefs.

Sure…they were your wife’s panties and that person name Gloria69 in your live chat window is just a fan of the song and was born in 1969 ;) .

This one is pretty long so I won’t post it all here. Instead I will just link to someone who has preserved it as credit for keeping this comedy gold alive. The quick review behind this one is that the guy releasing it is a moron, and in public office, but not qualified to be so. As you read further into it you will understand what I mean, and why the title of “BRAGDON NOT TO RUN FOR MAYOR OF ANY CITY IN 2008″ is even funnier.

Here is a short teaser quote from it:

Bragdon’s lack of qualification for city office was inadvertently revealed earlier this year when he failed to have his surgery televised and then did not champion a non-binding resolution appointing a 79-person task force to re-name S.E. Division Street as Gertrude Stein Boulevard. “Nor am I ready to handle the duct tape issue,” he admitted, “so I settle for little job satisfactions instead: like buying 5,000 acres of natural areas and preserving them forever, helping build one light rail line and getting another started, or leading one of the few governments in Oregon with a Double AAA financial rating.”

This next one is also very long, and I will give credit to the editor that kept it alive by linking to their page.

These are the first few lines of it and probably enough to give you an idea of just how ridiculous it is going to be. Well the “Dear fellow conservative” line probably gets the internet dorks in a tizzy off the bat ;) .

Dear fellow conservative,

Tonight, after a long day of fighting the Radical Homosexuals, I just feel exhausted.

Beaten down, wrung out, and worn to the bone.

This has been a most difficult year.

That’s good for now. The last 2 are pretty long and I don’t want you going blind :) .

Comedy on The Price is Right

While The Price is Right gives us probably the best FAIL jingle (below) in human history, the show has more comedic moments than any game show ever made as well.

Price is Right Loser Horn

From old ladies going to completely blank to college kids covered in blackheads trying to bid 420 every time they get to bid for the chance to actually get up on the big stage. Some of the people that have appeared seem to have some serious mental disabilities. Either they can’t do simple math, comprehend English, or some even seem to be so in love with Bob that they could be considered insane.

Worst Bid in Show History:

“Our winner is GAY!!!”

Flip-Flop Cheater

The “420″ Bidder:

Historic Moment of Exact Bid:

I could watch this show all day. So many memories watching this with my grandma.

Crap TV Flashbacks: Hey Dude

Heeeeeyyyyyyyy Duuude…

The one thing I remember from this show is the blonde actress (Christine Taylor) being hot as hell when you are a little kid. Then we see her many years later in a bunch of movies. I forgot sh e was actually in the Wedding Singer as Drew Barrymore’s whore of a friend. She then showed up as a sex deprived character in Zoolander before she got tag teamed by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. The movie Dodgeball of course playing a dodgeball badass as well as a bisexual sex pot. Damn she is kind of slutty in movies eh? Hey…what was I talking about?

Oh yeah…Heeeyyyyy Duuuude. While the previous paragraph greatly detracts from the wholesome family/kids show that Hey dude was I can guarantee you that kids like htot chicks just as much as grown men so really it has a big effect on why the show was popular and why I remember it.

Anyways, this show was the first original Nickelodeon live action show. Remember back when it was “Nick Nick Nick. Nick Nick Nick. Nickelodeeeoooonnnn”!? Of course you do, and now it is in your head again. Try getting it out with “Honeycomb’s Big! YEAH YEAH YEAH! It’s not Small! NO! NO! NO!”

So…Hey Dude. It was some kids on a Dude Ranch called “Bar None Dude Ranch” (Oh how clever). They went around doing chores all day I think. Maybe it was a camp or something I don’t remember. Oh yeah…the owner was the dad from ALF! LOL He was an accountant that wanted to get away from the big city. Dar.

The other characters were his kid Buddy who whined about not being able to skateboard in the desert or some crap and not havina his netbooks or something. The name given to idiots mostly. The cool kids were two boys and two girls. The boys were Ted, an enterprising troublemaker, and Danny, an easy-going Hopi Indian. The girls were girl-next-door Melody and rich girl Brad, from Grosse Pointe, Michigan who often wore dressy designer outfits at work, but was a very competent horse-rider. Her love-hate relationship with Ted was a plot thread during the first half of the series.

Obviously hilarity and life lessons ensued of some sort.

Yippie Tai Yai Yeah!

Hey Dude Theme:

Sadly I can’t find video of the actual intro to inbed, but here is the thme song played over a still image. It looks like Nickelodeon had something to say about posting it, but they have it up in crap quality on Youtube here.