Nirvana Vs. Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up

This can’t really be considered a Rickroll. More like a work of art IMO. Someone decided that the Rickroll world needed a bit of a makeover, or maybe that it needed to be brought back into the limelight. Certainly it has distracted me from my ddr memory search for 3 minutes.

What this guy did was take two legendary songs and mix them together. Along with the mixture of the Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up” and the Nirvana debut hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” mixed in sound, they have also been mixed in video. The two videos and the music has been seamlessly combined to make this fun adventure.

Nirvana vs Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit up

Michael Jackson’s Ghost Discovered :)

If you go to 8:20 of this video you will see the amazing image of the King of Pop ins GHOST form!

Of course this is absurd, but even MORE absurd is that CNN, and Larry King actually took time out of their show from discussing something like NJ trash removal the next night to tell everyone that it wasn’t really a ghost, but it was a shadow. Duh…any idiot can see that…LOL

Obviously, people have taken it to the extreme now and I see these floating around:

This one is a future screamer:

This one is a .gif of him Moonwalking. Due to it being kind of a long load I’ll just link to it so the page doesn’t take even longer to load.

MJ Moonwalking Ghost GIF

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video

While I’m a Detroit fan I always considered Cleveland to be a bigger hole. The first Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video didn’t really catch me, but the second one is much better. While pretending that Detroit isn’t a big hole as well I watched and laughed at the funny of Cleveland and their poor people that are fat and can’t afford a diet supplement.


They guy throws it in my face by saying that at least they aren’t Detroit. Burn.

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video First attempt

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video Second Attempt

Dane Cook Fanboys/Girls vs. Daniel Tosh Fanboys/Girls

Let’s first just say that these 2 guys are somewhat similar in the “I say vulgar things just because I can” kind of way. Neither are brilliant, but they both have some fanboys/girls that make you think they are actually the funniest people alive.

While watching a 5 part video set of Tosh I came to realize that people actually fight with eachother about who is actually funny, or who is the bigger hack.

Here is Part 1 of 5 of Daniel Tosh’s “True Stories I Made Up” (the others will be in the player after it is done):

Go here to read the comments and notice that it went the way most youtube videos do. Internet Tough Guys come out and have opinions that are terrible.

This guy actually conned Youtube and was able to post the ENTIRE 2 hour DVD of Dane Cook special “A Vicious Circle”:

We’ll see how long that lasts. This is some of his last work that people don’t particularly like.

Anyways…Dane Cook is that guy that everyone uses as a punchline now to say that he is the biggest loser comedian ever for some reason. While I find him about as funny as the way I find saying “poop” funny, the fanboys/girls seem to believe he is Jesus on the top diet pills. Hard to argue he is a loser when he gets mad ass.

So…basically these guys are kind of a like and they both have their fanboys/girls. So they fight. How sad do you have to be that you are actually going to argue that 2 mediocre to sometimes funny to joke stealing comedians are better than the other?

Who do you think is better? The correct response is: They are both mediocre.