Funny Video Game Moments

Video games have come to a point that they can do virtually anything. There are so many video games that have been produced to this point that you have to believe there are millions of funny, sexual weirdness, or just plain off the wall moments in video games people have observed. Be it intentional, or unintentional, they have mad ethier legends known. Gotta love bad Japanese to English translations.

One of the things I always remeber when I think about funny video game moments is something from Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link on the NES. One of the towns you walk into there is a girl that you can talk to. What does she say? “I know nothing.” LOL…typical woman…yeah I said it.

Anyways, there are a lot of good videos on the subject so I figured I would post a couple for you to look at while I go unwrap my Ferrari parts.

Michael Jackson Jokes

Well…I gave my R.I.P. post for the legendary singer yesterday, but I can’t ignore the Michael Jackson joke side of this either. While I consider him to be an amazing musician, and an exemplary humanitarian, I usually like to grieve with laughter.

Now don’t get me wrong. I STILL to this day DO NOT believe he molested any kids. Inappropriate situations? Certainly, but I highly doubt he molested those kids. The evidence doesn’t show he did IMO, and I’m going to stick to it. So…I WILL NOT be posting any jokes that refer to him as a child molester since I don’t believe it to be true, and therefore, not lulzworthy.

So…if I don’t believe he did that what is there to actually joke about? Come on now. MJ was an odd fellow. Extravagant to the EXTREME. Are there jokes in there? Oh yeah there are.

Michael Jackson may be the strangest and saddest story in entertainment ever told. This guy had a hellish childhood off the stage like many other child stars. Abuse, and lack of childhood turned him into a very odd person as an adult.

Jackson is fascinating as a psychological study on the same level as what a serial killer would be IMO. Did I just call him a serial killer? Get your head out of your ass. No I DID NOT. Many of the things he did make his mind as intriguing as trying to figure out why serial killers did what they did.

This guy went from being black to being so white he was practically transparent. What brings a man to do this? Not happy with himself obviously, but really how do you get to this point? Not only the “whitening”, but he turned into an unrecognizable human in the last decade. HE turned himself into a ghoul. What kind of disorder could possibly do this to a man? You would think that he’d need a Morristown personal injury lawyer after all these surgeries. No one could possibly do this to themselves.

I saw an interesting interview a couple days ago that suggested he saw his father in his face so much that he did all of this to get rid of the resemblance. Now that is a great theory, however it is just a theory. We really don’t understand this man as a person in any way. I like to think that he had a HUGE heart. Loved so much that he couldn’t help it, but couldn’t ever love himself.

OK…so I said I was going to post some jokes, but as I was writing this I didn’t really want to anymore. This story just makes me too sad to make fun of it.


Since I do like to laugh, and you are going to just come on here and call him a pedophile, and probably rehash some jokes in the comments that I have heard 121244132123 times…I may as well just give you a link to MJ jokes to tide you over. Like I said I don’t think he molested kids so I don’t find those jokes funny in any way. If you post them it will not get a laugh out of me.

Someone tried to cash in on his death immediately and bought this domain:

Site is gone already. Amazing. Either that or the coder is trying to fix it. It wasn’t working properly when I went there the first time so maybe it will be back eventually. It had plenty to keep your hateful, angry heart full of fire for the time being.

Oh well…you know how to use Google.

UPDATE: That site was fixed. The creep running it was just fixing the format because he blew it the first time it appears. Enjoy.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

I know that this isn’t usually something I would put on here, but I grew up listening to Michael Jackson a lot, and was a huge fan as a little kid. Not sure there was anyone at the time that wasn’t an MJ maniac when Thriller was on top. 1/10 of the U.S. population purchased that album, and probably about half of those had the red zipper jacket…lol

This video is one of my favorite performances from him. Billie Jean Live done in 2001 for a 30th anniversary special for him on CBS. Just shows how big he really was when you see the people in the crowd. He had the same effect that Elvis and the Beatles managed to produce on their fans. Herded them in like they were getting cattle supplies and made them fail to control themselves. Nobody could have pulled this off besides him. The video quality isn’t great, but just listening to his music alone doesn’t do him justice IMO. Need to see him dancing too.

This old Jackson 5 tune is also one of my favorite songs, I Want You Back. Here is an old clip with Bill Cosby doing some comedy for the intro.

The Astounding World of the Future!

This video is very well done. It takes a soundtrack from an old “future” newsreel I believe and plays it over a video that shows how the “future” really is in our present. It even uses the common way that old TV shows used to say the word “robot”. I’m sure you’ve heard it said this way many times, but some still think it is funny when someone says it as “robutt”.

The video follows an average American couple through their day and all the mazing technology that we have today! Also, it shows how we live in a world of magic happy pills that make everything better. I do’t believe the woman int he video has discovered adiet pill that works, however.

Also, if you go to the site you can see that stupidity has not yet left the human race. You will see comments from such morons that state that the video is “fake”. They clearly are the kind of people that you wish you knew in real life so that you could scam them. Some seem pretty upset about the tagline as well calling it a “fraud”.

The Astounding World of the Future!
Tag line (A little misleading): A funny mid-20th century newsreel featuring amazingly accurate predictions of the year 2000.

American Dad Vs. Family Guy Kung Fu II Game

This game was pretty fun. It has every character from the American Dad and Family Guy series’ in a “Street Fighter II” kind of fighting game. Chris, Peter, Francine, Brian, Meg, etc. etc.

I would post all the game controls, but it would just be a waste of time since each character has their own special moves. On the main screen after the intro it has a link for “Instructions” and you can look at all the moves for each character individually. They also have Mortal Kombat style finishing moves from what I can ell, but I have yet to pull one off (I didn’t try too hard. I had to find some new auto insurance and was wasting time…lol)