Biggest Video Game Scams For This Gen Consoles

Other than the fact that games seem to only care about graphical output now, there are a couple things that this generation of consoles has going on that are the biggest scams out there.

This generation of video game consoles consists of 3 major players. The Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and the XBox 360. The Nintendo Wii is in its own stratosphere and really can’t even be considered a “nex-gen” console IMO. It uses outdated technology compared to the other two, but it has sales that blow them both away because it does one thing: Gets the chicks. It has people that can play with other real people instead of being forced to go online and play with a bunch of tools that are either 8 year-old curse machines that scream the F word constantly, or with dudes you don’t know high on trees, or too drunk to see. I like to do that with people I know, not online. Thanks.

Anyways, what are the 2 biggest scams this generation?

1. Trophies/Achievements

The PS3 offers Trophies for certain feats in games, while the XBox 360 calls them Achievements. They are typically all the same for both systems that have the game on them.

Ok..some people actually like these, and I’ll admit I do try and get some of them while playing. Why is this a scam? It is just a rinky dink way to make people think there are more hours of gameplay for playing the SAME GAME more. Think about it. When you had older systems and didn’t have these did you really want to replay a shitty game again? Of course not. Now people think these Trophies/Achievements are actually a reason to do it! Quit falling for this trap! If the game is shit don’t play it for these retarded things!

You don’t get ANYTHING for these. NOTHING.

Now the worst part of these things isn’t the uselessness of them, but the fact that they have moved to online multi-player. How many times do I have to join a multi-player game and find out that the only reason half my flippin’ squad is there to get goddamn trophies!? Ugh…I can’t stand it. I want to win the game, not get you some meaningless trophy, or watch dumbshits only working for themselves to get a damn trophy. Go play a real sport and win something that actually takes some talent.

2. Downloadable Content (DLC)

This is by far the biggest scam in gaming today. Taken from the PC and translated to the console. Not only does DLC rarely live up to the price of fit, but the fact that almost every damn game now has it is an insult to the people that buy these games.

We pay $60 for a game. The game makers have already created content that should be in the game, but because people are so stupid they think that having DLC is an “extra” and pay them more money to buy the shit.

Look at Fallout 3. Their DLC called “Operation: Anchorage” gives another couple missions, but what is most ridiculous about it is that it also allows players to level up higher. Instead of being capped at Level 20, they can now level up to Level 30. On the surface that may sound real nice, but frankly Level 20 in the regular game is stupid. It should have been 30 all along. Of course an extra 10 levels is utterly worthless anyways because you can get up to Level 20 and destroy absolutely everything in the game as it is. Add to that you can get there with out even trying to level up. The first 10 levels or so you can get just by going into a building and shooting a few Raiders and guess what? You leveled up already! Did I mention that this is an XBox 360 exclusive?

Not only that, but Micosoft has basically kicked Sony in the nuts and bought most of it for the non-exclusive games like GTA IV, Fallout 3, etc. That means people with a PS3 are stuck with no option to even get it even if they would pay for it.

Let’s just say that paying another $20 for crap that should already be in the game is a big sales technique apparently. People are falling for it, and paying shit DLC to reward the game makers for screwing them over. Good job idiots.

Please…loser fanboys come here and start talking shit. I hate all of you. PS3 and 360 jerkoffs. Wii fans can talk allt he shit they want. Their console knows it sucks, but at least it is fun for playing with other people and actually having human contact.

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