Crap TV Flashbacks: She-Ra Princess of Power

When you can’t get enough of crap just from watching He Man and the Masters of the Universe Mattel goes out and makes a show even more ridiculous. She-Ra: Princess of Power.

To try and appeal to young girls like He Man apparently did to young boys, Mattel decided to create another character in She-Ra. Guess what? She-Ra was He Man’s twin sister, Adora, and defender of the Crystal Castle! She held up her sword and said “By the Power of Grayskull!” too. Awesome. Who would have thunk it?

She-Ra: Princess of Power ran for 2 years from 1985-1986 before it was canned and forever lost in the crap TV notebook memory. She-Ra leads a group of freedom fighters known as the Great Rebellion in the hope of freeing their home world of Etheria from the tyrannical rule of Hordak and the Evil Horde. How cute.

The series featured great characters such as Peekablue (Peacock woman), Flutterina (Butterfly woman), Perfuma (Power over flowers), Netossa (Makes nets…lol), and Spinnerella (You’d think spider woman right? Wrong she spins really fast…LOL!). Rest of this outstanding cast here.

What a great show….

She-Ra Princess of Power Intro:

She ra! She Ra! She raaaauhhh…She Ra!

Some Random Funny Videos

Just roaming around on my netbooks and figured I’d throw up a few random videos from my saved list on Youtube. Ones I don’t think I’ve ever posted before.

Always great when people get hurt, but even better when they cry:

This one is a classic, which I’m sure you have seen 1000 times, but I gtot a chuckle out of it today again since it has been so long since I’ve seen it:

This one made me laugh pretty hard because it is so absurd. LouisCK and a Child:

LOL @ this guy getting arrested:

You Are NOT the Father!

Doesn’t get any better than this. For anyone that has been blackmailed into thinking they are the father of someone else’s kid this show is for you. For people that just like to laugh at outrageous behavior when someone finds out they aren’t the father then prepare to lawl.

Maury Povick has this show called something like “Are You the Father?” or something where dudes roll out from behind Cheap Blinds and get the news about whether they are the father of this woman’s kid. OF course when they are told that they aren’t the father hilarious hijinks ensue.

I like this one the best because of the music that busts out…lol

I’m on a Boat (ft. T-Pain)

It’s hard to go wrong with a few minutes of entertainment now with these digital shorts from Saturday Night Live featuring Andy Samburg rapping abut something like Jizzing in His pants, or in this case taking a ride On a Boat.

This one doesn’t disappoint I suppose. Featuring rapper T-Pain will have people saying that they are on a boat all the time now sporting pirate earrings. Not just on a boat, but on a boat mother ****er and don’t you forget it…

Ripping Audio From Youtube Videos

Every once in a while I find that I want to get the audio from a Youtube video because I can’t find just the audio sitting out there on its own. Most recently, I wanted to hook my self up with a bit of “I Deeiid it” from Eli Porter and found myself unable to find the audio. So I decided to search around a bit and find some software for the task.

Didn’t take long of course. A minute or 2 only went by on my Polar watches. Saw a few videos on Youtube showing how to do this, but of course these were all terrible, or way too old. I was able to find the easiest program I’ve ever used to do this by watching a couple of these videos though.

Check out Tubetilla and download the FREE version, or buy it if you want. I linked it to the main page so you can see what the full version offers. Scroll down on that site a bit and go to the next version. Download it from the mirror as well since they will make you register with the site if you download it directly from them.

Then all you have to do once it is set up is pull the link of the Youtube vid. Have the program find it, and then rip it into .mp3 and pop it onto your iPod. So easy and it is great for little tunes that only are on there with high comedy. I did it with George Washington when it was still on Youtube as well with another program, but it doesn’t sound as good as they do with this ripper. Let me know if you can rip it off from that College Humor vid. I’m sure you can, but I haven’t tried it yet.

If you want to share them just upload them to the various file sharing sites. I usually use Media Fire, but there are tons if you search “file upload” on Google. Use free ones…dar

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