The Great Eli Porter

If you remember the Best Rap Battle Ever you know exactly who Eli Porter is. For some reason I was watching this again and saw that the Youtube faithful has gone a head and created a lot of remixes of the bad ass rapper Eli Porter. Some solid tracks for us all to hear. Eli needs his own 800 number to sell his mix tapes yo.

I didn’t even realize it but Eli actually appeared on American Idol. Take a look at how he did:

Even that dude that had this weird ass song Chocolate Rain wanted to do a duet with Eli.

Eli even got into politics last year. Telling McCain what’s up:

Eli gave an interview of 21 Questions here:

Here is the Retard Mix…Eli Layin’ it down:

Man…there are about 100 of these. Kills me every time. Could watch Eli Porter all day.

Here is a tribute to Eli. ELI WAS ROBBED!!:

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