Play Arcade Classic Arkanoid Online

Arkanoid is another classic arcade game that you should recognize. I don’t remember ever playing it at an arcade, but I knew exactly what it was when I saw it, and have probably played some version of it on a PC in the past. I know I have played it before. Just not sure when, or where.

The game is actually really fun and pretty addictive. It is to me at least. It is a simple game, but it does have some extra aspects to it that make it more intereting than the typical ball, blocks, beak them game. When you break some of the blocks it drops power ups to help make the level a bit easier. You ahve to “catch” them to do things like slow the ball down, extend your bar, get a laser, a free life, or even catch the ball to make it easier to control it.

The controls are as easy as finding jobs in Dallas. All you do is use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard to move, and the space bar to shoot the ball if you are holding it.

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