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Sudoku is one of those things I have always seen in the newspaper. Right next to the crosswords and the Jumble. I never really looked at it, but just skipped to doing the Jumble that I can typically get in a few minutes. Then I toss it out and let the Sudoku go unfinished. Then a couple months back I decided to give Sudoku a try and now I do it every day. Game can be frustrating at times, but overall it isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be.

Well…it wasn’t until I found this Sudoku widget. This Online Sudoku game has 25 levels. 25! You can play from very easy to very hard. each level has 5 levels inside of it and the hardest level overall is level 25.

The controls are about as easy as it is to get an auto insurance quote online now. Just click on the box you want to put a number in and then keep clicking until it goes to the number you want starting at 1 and going all the way to 9. No pencil. No eraser for Online Sudoku. That’s the best part of it. Good luck with it.

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