Creepypasta on Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween we should all be seeing a bunch of creepy stories pop up on various forums today. Like all other things on the internet, this is no exception to the rule that people have no imagination themselves, but a select few have laid the groundwork with bookshelves full of creepy stories.

Creepypasta is just like any other copy/pasta story except that these stories are designed to scare idiots. Creepypasta comes from /b/ Creepy Threads, but there have been plenty of sites popping up that have archived many of the stories. Basically your lazy ass goes and finds these and just pastes them in a thread, giving no credit to the person that originally wrote it. Then you hope people think you wrote it and you don’t have to go an hero.

Of course we have the most obvious: In fact you probably don’t even need another site to go to. There is plenty there. If you need more learn teh googles.

Epic Homework/Test/Quiz Papers, and Reports

It’s is always great when someone doesn’t study for a test they know they have, but it is even better when they try to be funny. Some of these aren’t intentionally funny, but quite a few are. The ones that aren’t are sort of sad really, but I guess they ought to get laughed at anyways. I was thinking about it earlier when I was supposed to write some paper about car insurance for my insurance class, and decided to go find some of the classic papers that have been on the internet before. Here are a few that I found again.

Here is a large set of bad papers. This one is mostly answers to test essay questions. You know the ones where the guy is supposed to find “x” in a geometry problem, but instead just circles the X and says “here it is.”

This one is the great Oedipus paper called “Planes, Trains, and Plantains. The Story of Oedipus”.

Here is a Jesus Civil War paper.

Here is a page that lists a bunch of Funny High School Essay Lines

Of course the greatest of all time is the infamous Jeremy Lavine essay title “Coming in Like El Nino”. In fact this essay is so legendary that someone actually made a Youtube video of it with pictures to go along with the essay…lol

these guys also narrated another video called “Cancer Number One Killer Disease”

You like Old Video Game Music?

I don’t, but you are a dork so I will show you what some other loser like you decided to post on Youtube. Yeah…this guy has a billion videos on his account with nothing but old video game music. Apparently he is the Grohe faucets of posting video game music or some such odd behavior.

Anyways, take a look at this Youtube Channel. Last time I looked the guy had around a hundred different games listed like Banjo-Kazooie, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country,
Mario Kart 64, every Zelda, every Final Fantasy game, and a bunch of others. Enjoy your nostalgia losers.

Some short, but Hilarious Videos

Who has time to watch those 5 minute videos waiting for a laugh? Not me. 30 seconds max. That’s why when I saw a bunch of short clips with major lulz in them on CE I felt it would be necessary to post them here so that I didn’t have to clutter up my Youtube account and save them all. I actually never save videos on Youtube anyways for some reason, but that is besides the point. These are all extremely short like they were recored on phones, or digital cameras, but bring the LULZ anyways. Let’ stake a look at a few.

There are a lot and this page would take a week to load if I listed them all so there are just links to all of them. Oh yeah….get this damned Linkification Add On for Firefox if you don’t have it already. Duh. (offensive?) (offensive?) (too long)

Posting on Message Boards While Drunk

You know how it is. You actually left the house to have some fun (yeah right). You went to a party, or the bar and when you get home you think you need to post about it on your favorite message board. Nobody is fooled. First of all, you are home, ALONE. You went out and didn’t get any. Any information pertaining to you hooking up is completely disregarded. It has to be because it is not true. Besides…if you really did hook up, you probably have real friends. Considering you come on the internet to brag about hooking up is just sad. If you are drunk, the sober people will trick you into admitting that you have been home all night drinking alone….like you always do.

Just this time you got too drunk. In your stupor a story came into your head. A story about how cool you are, and how much you hook up. You are in a blackout of course, but that doesn’t stop you from mashing keys on a keyboard, misspelling simple words, and concocting a ridiculous story about how someone of the opposite (or same) sex found you attractive enough to let you touch them. Back away from the computer.

If for some reason you actually did go out you should know better. It’s bad enough that you are going to wake up tomorrow and realize that you made an ass out of yourself in real life. Now you have it saved for posterity on the internet. It is painfully obvious that you didn’t hook up, or you wouldn’t be on the internet telling people about it. Sure you may have gotten a hug, or made out, but seriously. You are so drunk right now that you couldn’t perform anyways and you will figure that out after you sleep it off.

The other drunk guy is the drunk guy that comes home and knows everything about everything. You could design micro sd, or even manufacture it and this guy will tell you that he invented it at some point if that is the only discussion on his geek board he goes to. Forget about him entering a conversation about relationships. This guy has done it all! You had sex with two women at the same time? Hell…so has he! Tonight actually! Why are you telling people on the internet this anyways? You liar.

Go home, watch TV, gaze at a bit of pr0n, and go to bed. If you go on a message board you are just going to get laughed at, and the next time you go there you will be a perennial joke.

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