Make Fun of Sarah Palin Day

We all know the Vice PResident nominee, Sarah Palin is now a huge celebrity. More of a MILF than a policy maker. Looking hot in her little suits and Asgi shoes. With the fame comes the jokes.

Saw some interesting anti-Sarah Palin creations this week. This first one is actually quite funny, and will only get funnier if you add to it. Someone created an ingenious Google Doc that allows you to enter silly things that will just show up on this page. Basically it will show up as underlined words that rotates over and over (You have to click on the one showing to make it go to the next one). The creator adds new suggestions automatically to a spreadsheet and it displays on an arcane web page. Some of them are quite funny like “Sarah Palin calls it “The” Myspace, or Sarah Paling Types in all caps, etc. IF you click on the suggestions link there you can add more to the list and they will show up in the rotation. I just added “Sarah Palin Hates Bullwinkle”.

The other was this odd Sarah Palin’s Pregnancy Decision Map:

Ture, or not, you have to laugh at it…lol

Speed Up Your Firefoxs for the Interwebs

I don’t usually put this kind of stuff up, but it does actually work. Yeah…it is old, but for some reason not many people know about it. Many, many people do this now to speed up their Firefox browser immensely. It takes seconds to change, and the benefits will last you a lifetime. Also, there are no bad side effects of this. Seriously. Firefox becomes much faster. So if you want to load up 8 tabs at a time like your favorite orovo site, download some stuff, and look at your lol myspace page you can do so in a much quicker fashion. It really works.

Now this is really easy, but I think I will provide a video companion to speed up Firefox as well so that you can actually see it in action.

The simple way to speed up Firefox with about:config is to use these few simple steps.

1) type about:config in your BROWSER ADDRESS bar. (You can actually just click on it here and it will take you there). Be aware that there will be some sort of WARNING window that will come up saying some BS about avoiding your warranty or something. Dar…Firefox is free folks.

2) A long list will come up. type pipelining in the new address bar that pops up above the list to sort it to just what you want.

3) Double-click on the network.http.pipelining line so that it become “True”. Default is “false”.

4) Double-click on the network.http.pipelining.maxrequests line and give it a value. Most people use “30″.

5) Enjoy faster surfing.

For those that want visual direction, this video is very good at explaining the hows and whys of what you are doing here as well as a few other tips:

Biological Fail

Television reporters are always making mistakes, but it isn’t often when they them this bad. This guy doesn’t know much about humans. In fact he may actually be promoting the idea of Immaculate Conception in the modern day with his slip up. Let’s just say that even though this kid is a boy, the parents will probably have pink crib bedding for him anyways.


Hard to turn on the news with out being forced to watch something about how messed up the economy and Wall Street are right now. Not to mention it is Election season and a really close race with 2 celebrities (Obama and now Palin) running, a P.O.W (McCain), and some other dude (Biden) that is probably more qualified than the ones people actually talk about.

Plenty of pictures popping up out there on everyone’s digital SD card that are getting photoshopped for lulz at the candidate’s expense.

Even better are the videos from Youpor…er…I mean Youtube. They are best when you can combine more than one newsworthy event into one. This one seems to pull 3 high quality news issues into one great ad for John McCain. Enjoy.

McMoney: McCain Will Save the Economy

Silly Anonymous: Hacking Sarah Palin’s Personal E-Mails

As reported on some silly 4chan suicide watch supposedly hacked into Sarah Palin’s personal e-mails. Story along with screen shots of her inbox are a plenty on Gawker right now. While they last at least. Grab them and put them on your Sony Vaio hard drive before the sham is forced to be removed.

The best part about the whole thing is that it appears that she was doing state business using her personal e-mail account, which is well…illegal. The account is now deleted. Oh yeah…she was using a Yahoo! mail account…lol

As for Anon, 4Chan, WTFever you can figure it out for yourself. Just watch a video from Fox News or something and pretend they are the dudes that hate Scientology. You really don’t want to know any more than that.

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