Couple Pictures of the Day

I’ve had a couple pictures I wanted to post for a while, but had no idea where to put them so I will just pop them up in this post while I let you know about moving services options ;) .

This one is classic, and is right in time for the release of the next Metallica album., Death Magnetic, which actually includes a song entitle Unforgiven III. Are they really that far out of it now that they can’t even think of new song names? Probably the greatest metal band of all-time, they have become known as sell outs over the years by most fans which leads us to believe that James Hetfield is Displeased…

This one is just something I found funny that I saved for some reason. It is pretty self-explanatory, and completely true. I suppose you can call it “Pussy Control” (Thanks to Prince for the title) ;) .

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