Incredible Hulk Rampage Rip Off Game, Hulk Smash Up

For some reason i always like the game Rampage. You played as a trio of monsters that were knock offs of King Kong, Godzilla, and some sort of werewolf I think it was. You would smash up buildings, grab women that were doing acne treatments out of windows, crush cop cars, etc. in a city wide RAMPAGE. Anyways, someone decided it would be cool to take the Incredible Hulk, and put him into a similar game.

The controls are simple. Use the arrow keys to move around and climb buildings. Use the spacebar to SMASH everything and the CTRL key to Jump.

Couple Pictures of the Day

I’ve had a couple pictures I wanted to post for a while, but had no idea where to put them so I will just pop them up in this post while I let you know about moving services options ;) .

This one is classic, and is right in time for the release of the next Metallica album., Death Magnetic, which actually includes a song entitle Unforgiven III. Are they really that far out of it now that they can’t even think of new song names? Probably the greatest metal band of all-time, they have become known as sell outs over the years by most fans which leads us to believe that James Hetfield is Displeased…

This one is just something I found funny that I saved for some reason. It is pretty self-explanatory, and completely true. I suppose you can call it “Pussy Control” (Thanks to Prince for the title) ;) .

All in one Games Collection (Pac Man, Q Bert, Ghosts and Goblins, etc.)

This is a pretty good widget. I have most of these games on here as stand alone games, but this one actually has a few dozen all in one widget that you can play. So far I have seen Pac Man, Q Bert, Ghosts and Goblins, Super Mario World, and many others. All you have to do is at the top of the box select what game genre you want to play. Most of the good ones are in the “Arcade”, or in the “Platform” options. Glad to see there are no ads for weight loss pills or anything on it either. At least I haven’t seen any.

Of course not all the games I have on here are in the widget so look at the sidebar for others—->. Super Mario 3 Online is by far the greatest game ever and having it online here is pretty handy. My site slips by most firewalls at work so you can waste your employer’s money playing games here :) .

Getting Drug Advice From Message Boards (Legalize Weed Debate)

Most people just go on message boards to brag about smoking weed, or getting wasted. Of course getting blown out is awesome and all, if you are into that sort of thing *whistles*, but I find that peopel get really bad advice about drugs online. Many of the people asking about them are wondering what the effects are for drug. So…what kind of advice do they get?

“You are a loser. Kill yourself.”

is probably the most common answer.

This is when the debate begins about whether marijuana should be legal. People that have actually smoked weed before accurately describe the effects, and subsequently provide a bunch of articles about why it isn’t that bad. THEN people that have never touched anything more potent than pimple cream start to tell you just how bad for you it really is. They are like an after school special gone wrong. They tend to spout the same stuff you would hear in the cult classic Reefer Madness as their knowledge of using the drug.

The Legalize Weed Debate can be summed up in a few very short words:

People on the internet are idiots.

Let’s look at some of the reasons to Legalize It from some articles around the net from potheads…

Top 10 Reasons to Legalize Weed

LOL @ #8 on that list:

“A regulated, legal market in marijuana would reduce marijuana sales and use among teenagers, as well as reduce their exposure to other drugs in the illegal market.”

Worst reason ever.

Nevermind about examples. All i found were morons that made top 10 lists only to get themselves searched better in Google. Most of them were poorly put together.

Top reasons people SAY Weed SHOULD be legal:

1. It is no more dangerous than alcohol, which is legal.

2. Taxing it would be good for the economy.

3. It would reduce overcrowding in prisons, and crime overall.

and just like everyone else? I will not even provide detailed information sas to why any of that may, or may not be true.

Top reasons people SAY weed SHOULDN’T be legal (on the internet):

1. You are a loser. Kill yourself. Only losers do drugs. Drugs are bad, mmmmk?

2. People would all be lazy and get really fat. “Eddie, did you look for a job today?”

(sorry can’t find that commercial to post…lol)

3. I learned it by watching you, OK? I learned it by watching you!

Top 8 Presidential Campaign Banners

With the presidential race heating up for the stretch run, banners are popping up everywhere to make fun of, or support, both John McCain and Barack Obama. As they fly around the world in their private jet charters saying ridiculous things about what they plan to do (McCain trying to say crap like all our problems are psychological) the interwebs produces amazing photoshop skills and gives you the best banners to post on message boards.

Why 8? Because 8 is a random number and 5, or 10 is sheepish.

8. McCain for the tech illiterate.

Yes…McCain can’t use a computer. This should come as no surprise.

7. Barack Obama Birth Certificate

According to conservatives Obama is probably a terrorist.

6. Send Barack Your Baby

This is actually a website for this purpose if you click the link above. Very odd…hmmmmm

5. Obama President of Awesome

Apparently he is an action hero.

4. McCain is Old

So old that…

3. NOPE We Can’t!

This one is a parody of this poster:

and changed to this for McCain’s slogan:

2. Do it Yourself!

Solutions for America’s Future

1. Who is this fucking candidate?

They swear so this all must be true.

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