Best Weekly Deals Sale Yet

I have been keeping up with the sale for the weekly deals (bookmark this page!) lately because I had been looking for a digital camera. Advances in technology have come so fast with these I figured eventually that they would put one up that I could get a cheap deal on. I remember when a 1 mega-pixel digital camera used to cost upwards of $200, so imagine my surprise when I saw this DCS-1050 10.0 Megapixel Digital Camera for only $79.99 with FREE shipping. Can you imagine paying $200 for a 1 mega-pixel camera a few years ago and being able to get this LCD digital camera for less than $100 now?

Of course this isn’t exactly a price you are going to pay everyday. has made this one a special deal as part of their weekly deals program. In fact, this camera is only in limited quantity, so you will have to get there ASAP to even have a chance at this glorious offer.

Not only that, but they have some other nice deals this week as well. There is an XBox 360 wireless controller on the list for under 40 bucks that usually costs around $50. A $450 Magellan Maestro selling for only $229.99 that is surely a monster deal. Definitely a lot to look at this time. I’d be really surprised if you didn’t find anything you could use this week.

Crap TV flashbacks: Webster

There are so many things wrong with this TV show I don’t even know where to begin. Another washed up sporty in Alex Karras just keeps with the them of all the sports has beens during the ridiculous 80s TV sitcom era with shows like this and Mr. Belvedere. The most disturbing part of the show was the little guy that played Webster himself. The little guy was actually about 40 years old or something at the time he was playing an 8 year old kid whose biological parents were recently killed in a car accident. He is then taken in by retired football star George Papadopolis (Alex Karras), with whom his late father played professional football in the 1970s, and his wife Katherine (Susan Clark), a blue-blooded socialite with no housekeeping skills whatsoever.

OK a slight exaggeration. He was actually only around 16 when the show finally went off the air. Emmanuel Lewis does need a bit of background info, however. He is an interesting character in that he appears to be much younger than he really is although that is not a condition in and of itself. This is due to him suffering from a condition known as Angelman Syndrome, which used to actually be called happy puppet syndrome. Clearly demeaning, and is no longer used. The disease itself is a neuro-genetic disorder named after a British pediatrician, Dr. Harry Angelman, who first described the syndrome in 1965. AS is characterized by intellectual and developmental delay, speech impediment, sleep disturbance, unstable jerky gait, seizures, hand flapping movements, frequent laughter/smiling and usually a happy demeanor. Hard to believe such a condition was present in the young Lewis. Certainly not a condition you would want to have while exercising on an elliptical machine.

Webster, ran on ABC on September 16, 1983, and ran on that network until September 11, 1987, but continued in first-run syndication until 1989.

Webster TV Show Intro:

Here’s and old Burger King Webster Commercial as well…lol

Getting Laid on the Internet

One of the greatest things about internet message boards is that people are the greatest lovers of all-time. There are people that will say they have had better at any posting of a supermodel picture in any thread. Of course everyone on the internet has a 10 inch wang, or larger, and looks like Brad Pitt. Until gps fleet tracking is availabe for forum users, nobody can track you down and see if you are really what you are. Some fat pimply loser who actually spends 16 hours a day online trying to convince other that you are indeed a pimp because it makes you actually feel like you aren’t a complete loser in real life.

The best stories of ePenis syndrome come from sex tales. Those that tell you they have a girlfriend that is hotter than Adriana Lima:

Certainly this is true because they are on the internet. My ePenis is 14 inches in fact. Much larger than the average ePenis. Adriana Lima is like the girl I turned down for the 100th time for a date because I really want nothing to do with someone stalking me all the time I am so damn hot. She has nothing on the women I actually do date. I almost can’t even stomach looking at her compared to the women I bed. 3 at a time mind you. Any less than 3 and I have a hard time climaxing. It just isn’t exciting enough for me. I am so used to having a whole harem of women at my disposal that I just can’t get off with only one or even two. Hell…if I woke up and WASN’T getting oral pleasure just off opening my eyes, I’d think I had just fallen into a strange 3rd dimension where ugly people ruled the world.

Yes. I am an ePimp. Bow before my immense ePenis, and my incredibly handsome, and chiseled features.

Cartoon Character Skeletons

Not sure why this guy got this idea, but it is kind of interesting in a “Hmmm…yeah…well…Ok then” sort of way. Unfortunately he has not made a Mudkips skeleton, for which I’m sure we are all very saddened by, but he does have quite a few others including pikachu.

So what is it I’m babbling bout here? Apparently this guy came from the depth of the Outer Banks and decided that he was going to do what he calls a “Character Study” on a bunch of cartoon characters. By “character study”, I mean that he thought it would be fun to draw the skeletons of these characters. Take a look at all his cartoon skeletons. A few of note are Charlie Brosn, Marvin the Martian, The Powerpuff Girls, and Dexter.

More Great Sales for Weekly Deals

Every week has a sale on a few dozen high quality items that are sure to please. This week has some rather interesting items for their Weekly Deals. The one that caught my eye was this Wireless PC adapter for only $7.99 after rebate.

I don’t know about you, but when you can find something like this for only 8 bucks you know you are getting a great deal. Normally these cost anywhere from $25-100 so this wireless internet adapter is a monster deal. This wireless PC adapter is completely compatible with Microsoft Vista. Simply plug and play to get it to take and you are ready to go. Works like a charm. The wireless card is one of the thinnest you will find.

Besides this magnificent wireless PC adapter deal, has many others in their Weekly Deals section. You will probably want to just bookmark that page and look at it regularly as they have new deals every single week that are always extremely well priced compared to their competitors. They typically have quite a few accessories for iPods, Zunes, and any other .mp3 players every week, as well as an assortment of very low priced laptops and and Desktop PCs. You can even find some Nintendo Wii accessories on occasion that cost nothing more than a couple of Abe Lincolns.

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