Salary Search Fun

It is always fun to look at how much people get paid for things. It is even more fun when the website that does the searches actually gives you salaries for things that you know aren’t even jobs. Salary Search is just one of those websites.

I have tested a few and found some pretty amazing results.

Serious Business is only a $12,000 a year salary! You are kidding.

I found that quite a few others were pretty good as well. Take for example being a homosexual. An outstanding salary for just having an uncommon sexual orientation. $198,000 per year.

Here are a few others:

Black Guy-$28,000 for him, but “White Guy” shows up as nothing.

How about Murder? $52,000

It appears that they took quite a few of them down that I saw yesterday. MAss Murderer was actually paid well, but it no longer shows. Gangsta is also no longer paid. You can treadmill for $71,000 a year though.

One of the more interesting things they show, however is the related jobs they show below them. The Mass Murderer one showed “Public Relations” as one of the compatible jobs…lol

Fun time waster as a board topic. Start it up and see just what you can get paid for. Your days of fapping (fap) may actually be worth something. $50,000 last time I looked :) .

Play Super Mario Bros. 3 Online Free

UPDATE: IMPORTANT NOTE! This game uses the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment. If you have issues please go here and download the latest version for your browser. I apologize if you have issues when loading this page. The good news is that you now know your Java is outdated :P

By far the best Mario game for the NES, and now it can be played online free.

Click in the screen to make it active. I put it here because it is more likely that my site will pass a work firewall ;) . Controls and instructions are listed below the game.

Get Any Game Free with GamePass

To get the player select to pop up on the intro screen you need to hit “Enter” and then “Enter” again after you make the selection. Not sure how to select a 2 Player game though. If someone figures it out please leave a comment. You hit “X” to enter a level. The only other thing that isn’t easily figured out is the selecting one of your items on the World Screen. That is where you can hook yourself up with a mushroom, leaf, plant, etc. Just hit “Z” while on the world screen to access that.

The controls are:

Right Arrow = Move Right
Left Arrow = Move Left
Up Arrow = Enter Section
Down Arrow = Enter Pipe / Duck
X = Jump / Enter Level
Z = Run Faster / Fly
Enter = Start

Be aware of one thing though when you play this. If you switch to another window on your browser you will need to click in the window to de-activate inputs from being for the game. Like if you need to fill out a form or something you need to click on the screen somewhere before it will let you do it. Not sure why at this point, but it doesn’t mean you need to go to drug rehab or anything. It’s just how it is.

Anonymous March 15th Reminder and Operation Reconnect April 12th

UPDATE: Continued exposure and increased participation has revealed a new operation for April 12th. Please view the video at the bottom of this post as well to see the details. It is an amazing video. Thanks to whoever put it together.

If you don’t know what Anonymous is you you probably don’t need to. Although the idea of Anonymous has been around forever it is important to be aware of the current fight against the cult known as the Church of Scientology. March 15th is the next date for the fight against the Co$ and their human rights violations.

First the Reminders for all Anonymous about March 15th:

Now for more information. So sit back and pull up a chair to your lcd monitor because you have many things to read and watch right now.

For those that want to delve deeper into the plans and strategize against the Co$ cult, or who do not yet understand why they need to do so please visit and read the stories of those that have escaped from these evil philosophies. Visit the forum for more discussion. You can find fliers and other info there as well as stories from members who have escaped. IF you are an escaped Scientology Kid you can share your story anonymously here and find many others who will help you adjust to the real world.

Also, you can find very useful information at These people are fighting for great justice. Help at organizing your pursuits of great justice is readily available on this site as well as their forums. Fliers, and events. Advice at contacting those who can make a change.

Operation Reconnect April 12th

Scheduled to take place during April, Operation Reconnect will shine a spotlight on families torn apart by the Church of Scientology. The aim is to bring these families together, with a number of the “disconnected” giving detailed accounts of their experience with Scientology and making public pleas to their families to “reconnect” with them. Read more about the Disconnection Policy of the CO$ here.

Barack and the “Obamaniacs”

With the campaign dedicated to “Change” and to most, very little else of substance, Barack Obama has become not just a favorite to win the Democratic nomination for the upcoming presidential election, but he has become an icon. Hillary asking if he needs pillows to rest with while she blabs on and on referring to SNL sketches, strange Michelle Obama Quotes (His wife) saying things that most people think she should just keep to herself, and all the while becoming a legend bigger than even the great Ron Paul.

Obama supporters are insane. Yes, that’s right I said insane. If you thought the majority of Ron Paul supporters out there were nuts, just spend a few days roaming the forums and you will see that the Obama supporters, which are now dubbed “Obamanics” by me, are some damned defensive people. They talk to you like YOU are the idiot, when in most cases it is them. Saying odd things like “It’s not fair”, “I’m taking my ball and going home”, and the best of them all: “YES WE CAN!”.

Worst part of all this? Probably 3/4 of the people spouting off aren’t even registered voters. If for some reason Barack doesn’t get the nomination (Pretty likely he will at this point), are all of these people going to go hide back in their holes and wait for another 4 years before they decide to vote?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against Obama in any way. Bringing young voters to the table is always a good thing. Well…usually I guess. We shall see. The guy obviously can spit mad game at the podium and the more I am exposed to his supporters it is quite obvious that when his collar pops the panties drop, but quit acting like idiots people. This guy is running for president, not the president of your Myspace Club. Obamaniacs are becoming like the outspoken Ron Paul supporters of the week. Your candidate takes the high road, why can’t you?

Trying to Look Hot and the Myspace Face

The Parody Motivator Generator has been around for quite a while now, and has given us many, many lulz. I have seen some real classics over the last year, but still find this one so funny.

myspace hot

This isn’t uncommon for the tools that try to look hot for lol Myspace. One of the most hilarious things aobut Myspace is that people trying to look hot, or cool have very similar trends. This is what people call the Myspace Face.

for girls: pouty eyes with a smirk or pursed lips. The shoulder comes up and attaches to the chin. fingers in the west side sign optional, but are common. Many other common hand gestures appear as well such as the peace sign, or even some made up gang sign the person has no clue as to what it means.

for guys:
shirts up showing off their abs, while making some macho head nod, face looking cool and unassuming. Funny enough I recently saw some dudes skateboarding and every time the one dude came up by the street he pulled up his shirt and did this exact pose. As was required I yelled obseneties out the window at this douche in the process breaking my You from AP Royal Oak watch trying to throw garbage at him.

Here is an example of a Myspace face:

myspace face

Damn baby, you are so fine, or not.

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