Super Mario 3 is fixed!

The Super Mario 3 game is now fixed so you can go a head and play it again. The reason I am posting another message is because many have issues with it crashing their browser. There is a simple solution to this. You MUST have the latest version of Java Runtime Environment. Please download the latest version here before you go and play the game.

Hopefully you will see this before you go directly to the game: Play Super Mario 3 Free Online. For more useful info check out some hotel deals while you wait for your Java to install ;) .

Stupid Ass Scenesters and Scene Girls

A scenester is a douchebag that tries so hard to fit every stereotype of whatever scene they are trying to fit into that they are hated by everyone. Usually they try to be all emo, punk, indie, etc. People that down weight loss pills like it is the end of the world, or just don’t eat because they are too busy cutting themselves. Instead of actually calling people what they are you just lump all their doucheness into one category and call them scenesters.

There is no way I can describe this any better than just to link you to this scenester site so that you can look at what these fools look like with visuals. This is Old’d and from like 1974, but it needs to be preserved so it is going to be here right now.

As for Scene Girls, well…they are just as lame. People on lol Myspace try to be like this with their Myspace faces, and a lot of the tools that go to your school try to do this to fit in.

Some copypasta:

A scene girl is whiney and has choppy layers in her hair, It can be long, or shorter. It must be either black with blonde, or random colours with blonde. They wear uber skinny ass tight jeans, with ballet flats or converese. Tight randomly sloganed T’s, or laces tank tops in random colours. They like pearls and little girl clips in their hair. They say things like ” sex, cunt, whore, rad, uber, !!1, Sup Nig, kthxbai, kdie, I hate you, guns go bang” ect… They are OBSESSED with pirates, ninjas and robots. Don’t ask why, that’s just the way it is in the scene… They think they’re the best…and well..they are…and that’s why people dislike them so much. Forget the whales, save a scene girl….

An example of a Scene Girl conversation.

xcuntxcorex: Ommmgahhhh!!11 YOU’re TEH Sexx…
XXrobotxwhoreXX: nahhh nigg…you’re TEH SEXXX…last night was uber rad..uber sex…
xcuntxcorex: are yooh going to teh sex show 2nite?
XXrobotxwhoreXX: yooh bet your UBER SEX BOTTOM I am!!!11313241241…it’s going to be teh SEXXX!! … SEXX

Scene girls are so into this that you can even be a scene girl if you are going to follow the carefully planned steps to meet the requirements. Good luck with ruining your all of your memories with pics of yourself looking like these idiots.

Play Simon Online

This may not be the greatest game ever made, but it sure is one of those games that you can play for a while. Simon is a classic game form like 1943 and has been around ever since. If you don’t know how to play this then you are probably lacking the intelligence to remember more than 2-3 rounds of it anyways so just go watch TV, or play with your air tools. Maybe you will hurt yourself.

Controls are pretty obvious. The damn thing blinks. You remember the order and click ont he colored button with the mouse until you have that round’s sequence completed. Go until you screw up.

The WWII Online Gaming GIF of the Century

Like I mentioned a few recent posts I am putting some things that need to be archived and preserved up while I am going through my saved posts I never got a round to finishing. This was something I had saved about a year ago and just never published it. Not sure why. It is one of the best .gif’s ever made.

This .gif tells the story of the World Wars from the perspective of online gamers. While chilling out on your patio furniture and playing PC games online you may run a crossed all these morons when you play. The chat is hilarious and will hold a place in your heart forever. Obviously quite old, but still funny and ingenious. Just want to make sure it is saved SOMEWHERE so i can see it when I want to ;) . IF you haven’t ever seen it before, then I don’t know what to say. You live under a rock, but enjoy regardless.

World War Chat

Linkification Firefox Extension for Text Links to Clickable Links

Linkification is another of the very useful Firefox extensions for message boards. It works in a very similar way to the Firefox extension Text to Image in that it takes links that only show up as text on boards that don’t allow links and makes them clickable. This feature is very useful as copy/pasting these links is sometimes bothersome when you are on boards such as the ones at where you are often linked to things such as Youtube videos, self assessment quizes, and lol Myspeace pages. It is also quite useful when reading articles on various sites as many times they do not link directly and just post a text that you have to copy and paste instead.

Once installed you will see a small icon on the lower status bar of your browser, or wherever you have it. The circular icon with the “L” in it has a few functions if you right-click on it. The first is that you can blacklist a site from getting Linkified. If you have a site that maybe you do programming on, it is rather bothersome to have links in your code linkified, so it is nice to be able to blacklist that site and not have to worry about it every time. This is a permanent solution unlike the other option available there. You can simply just turn of the links on a page that have been linkified as well in that menu. Two very handy tools that you will find useful once you start to use this Firefox extension.

The other is the options menu which has far too many features to go in depth with here. Just browse around the options and see the various features it has. A couple of note is that you can turn off auto-linkification, allow text links to be visited simply by double clicking on them with out actually having them linkified and even force the links to open in new tabs or windows. More advanced options are available as well and can be reviewed in the help sections.

You can Download the Linkification Add on in the link there, or go to the Linkification Add on page directly and get it there.

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