Rate My Band Topics

You really have to be desperate to make a topic like this if you are in a band. When someone posts a topic like this you can assume, before you even open the topic, that their band sucks, or that they are going to post a stupid Youtube video with either a Rickroll in it, or a video from Youtoube that is the worst band you have ever seen, but is not the person creating the topic.

Friends, who have bands, the made Mysapce for you to put your shitty band online for people to mock you on. You can get a bunch of Myspace losers to be your groupies and say how great your garbage band is and you don’t need to get the opinions of people with actual taste. IF your band really wasn’t crap you’d be making Las Vegas hotel reservations so that you could open up for that guy with the huge wang. Warming up all the ladies in their 50s and hopefully getting yourself a sugar momma. So…please, for the humanity of all of us, don’t expose us to your ridiculous band that plays terrible emo music, or thinks that they are the next Metallica.

The Dramatic Chipmunk Origins

This chipmunk has been everywhere the last what year? Decade? Honestly I have no clue how long it has been around. I’ve seen this dramatic chipmunk from wearing wholesale fashion jewelry, to being Darth Vader, to being Hitler. I thought I would share a few of them from Youtube since they just keep popping up. Where id Dramatic Chipmunk come from? Most are well aware that dramatic chipmunk was an internet sensation, but where did it originate.

Pretty simple really. There is a children’s show from Tokyo called something like Tokyo Dramatic Chipmunk or something or other. Maybe it is Kid Play with Dramatic Chipmunk. Maybe it is Dramatic Chipmunk Gets Dramatic. Who knows. Maybe it says what show it is in this video…

ORiginal Source of Dramatic Chipmunk

Since we have him with us let’s look at some of the creative ways he has been used since…

Final Fantasy Dramatic Chipmunk

Darthmatic Chipmunk

DR. Evil Dramatic Chipmunk

Evolution of the Dramatic Chipmunk

Political Geniuses on Forums

Most forums won’t even allow you to discuss politics. Reasons are pretty clear as it is certain that debates can get heated. Other than religious discussions, politics are certainly the top headache for most moderators on any message board. Many are quick to pull out the old banstick when political discussions arise. Moderators seem to be as heated about politics as the posters and their position as Board Almighty, the Fair Treatment Advisor, is sometimes clouded when differing views from their own are expressed. A liberal moderator seeing conservative views is likely going to cause a bigger beatdown to your account than probably anything else as a message board violation.

What of forums designed strictly for politics? These are where the real debates happen. Well..in most cases it is a bunch of ignorant people spewing ignorant things that they heard in some campaign slogan, but I digress.

From my observations there are typically 5 main camps on politics forums.

1. Liberals-Liberals are Democrats at heart. They want to help everyone and believe that everyone should have health care, free money from the government, and generally seek a pretty place for everyone. They are very focused on preserving our individual rights and equality of opportunity. They are most likely ones to be called Communists.

2. Conservatives-These are the war mongers if you ask the Libbies. Although many of them support force to solve problems these posters tend to be more focused on Capitalism than the Libbies. They believe that everyone has a chance to be rich and that government hand outs are enabling them to be lazy. They want traditional values, religion forced down your throat, and slow but steady change. George Bush is correct in taking all of our rights away since terrorists are not bombing us everyday.

3. Libertarins-Libertarianism is a collection of political philosophies possessing the common themes of individual liberty. Libertarianism’s ideals, although often varied in detail, typically center on policies in favor of extensive personal liberties, rejecting compulsory socialism and communism in favor of allowing private property (whether being held on an individual basis or in collective by a group of individuals), promoting personal responsibility and private charity and opposing welfare statism, and advocating either limiting or entirely eliminating the power and scope of the state in order to maximize individual liberty.

4. The Straddler-The straddler is just someone that believes what is right is right. Party differences are meaningless and whatever the issue is, there should be consideration that doesn’t require you to take a stand based on your party affiliation. This is the best buy philosophy IMO. These people seem to me more logical than the other groups. Each issue can be discussed as the issue and no other influence is needed. If you believe that abortion is a woman’s right to choose and are in this camp it doesn’t necessarily make you a Libby. You may be a great supporter of the war, or whatever conservative view as well, but you take each issue as they come and aren’t squeezing yourself into a distinct category. AT first glance I would say it is like being an Atheist in some regard, but considering the name I gave it I suppose you have to go with the term Agnostic…lol

5. The Idiot-This politics forum poster is just what the name implies. This poster can be found on any forum. This poster is one that believes they have the correct answer no matter what topic is discussed. They think tat because they read an article about the subject they have in depth knowledge on the issue and need to talk SO bad that they will chime in on it no matter how ridiculous their conclusions may be.

At the end of the day these groups get together and when they can’t think of anything meaningful to say they just beat on the Idiots. Although some may claim to be part of the other 4 camps, there is a high probability that they may actually beloing in the Idiot camp. These people are easily recognizable as they tend to attack idiots as if they are themselves geniuses on the subject, but seeing another idiot so wrong they can’t help themselves. This gives them great satisfaction and hides the fact that they don’t really have a clue what they are talking about either. They use general statements to bash other idiots, but ultimately if they were to join a more serious discussion they would be exposed themselves. This group could probably be given their own title, but I deem that an idiot is an idiot and there is no need to distinguish between them.

Fun With Yahoo! Answers

There is this thing called Yahoo! answers. Let’s forget for a moment that Bill Gates is about to steal Yahoo! away from themselves and make it into Microsoft>Google. Yahoo! Answers is anything but that. Well…I suppose there are answers, but it is more like a forum for people to talk serious shit to each other.

You will get the typical responses from every bonehead that thinks he is an expert about everything on there. You could ask about beer pong tables and get answers about how you shouldn’t be drinking that much. You could even ask about the word “skeet” and have everyone just treply with “skeet skeet skeet” because they are white and have seen Chapelle’s Show. If you are a big fan of Mudkips, well this is a great place to talk about it. Yahoo! Answers surely has your source for all the latest Mudkip news.

Let’s take a look at some of the great questions that have been answered today:

What is 4Chan?
Girls plz answer my question???urgent help needed?
How can I make 4Chan safer for my kids?
Fellow Atheists: Do you ever think about crawling back to God so you can go to the church ice cream socials?

Those are just a few of the silly questions and answers you will get over there. All you need is a Yahoo! ID and you are free to spew as much ignorance as you feel is necessary. Great for wasting your employer’s money by doing this at work. Also a great way to build a discussion on any forum to get even more idiots involved in your antics.

How to Defend Yourself Against Screamers

Are you like this guy?

Getting pranked by your frieends and co-workers with SCREAMERS? He peed himself. Looked like he had some Danze faucets running on his pants!

So what do you do to avoid getting TEH SCREAMERZ!11!SHIFT+!!!!1???//?? How do you avoid peeing yourself in front of everyone and being the laughingstock?

Do these bring back painful memories?

This happy video will help you avoid a terrible screamer. The sound quality isn’t great, but the video is very educational. You may need to turn it up a little to hear the tips. No it isn’t in Japanese. Just the beginning part.

Oh…you probably don’t want to have your volume all the way up when someone tells you to anymore.

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