Funny Misspellings to Use on Boards (HomoPhobes)

There are a ton of words in the English language that also have a counterpart which sound the same, have a different meaning, and are spelled completely different. Topic titles with the incorrect variation used can lead to some good fun. One of my favorites is the use of the word “pole” instead of “poll”. “Polls” are very common on message boards used for virtually anything like “who is going to get Van Halen tickets?”, “Who will you vote for?”, etc. Fortunately the word “Pole” does not sound any different, but for dirty minds it has some great sexual connotations.

Let’s take 2 examples for using the variations:

Topic Title: “Smoking Poll”
First Post” Who is a smoker?”

Topic Title: “Smoking Pole”
First Post: “Who is a smoker?”
Second Post: “lawl”

Funny eh? Yes…I think so because I am childish.

Anyways there tons of these bad boys out there, but what are they called? Homophones is the name I guess. A homophone is a word that sounds like another word but has a different meaning.

I could waste my time and go into listing every instance out there, but why not check out his enormous list yourself by going here and checking out the words that sound like other words.

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