Trunk Monkey Commercial: Part 4 (Carjacker)

Haha…this one is a serious upgrade over Part 3. This one is how Trunk Monkey deals with a car jacker. Definitely the type of security system anyone would love to have. You can’t have a guy trying to steal your car and the first communion invitations you just bought can you? That’s where the trunk monkey comes in. Classic, classic line in this commercial as well that you should enjoy. “Because sometimes getting your car back is simply not enough.”

Trunk Monkey Commercial: Part 3

I guess I got myself into a bit of trouble with these now. I didn’t realize there were so many of them…lol

Apparently there are 8 of them from the quick count I just made. Oh well. It gives me some posting material I guess when I can get just tv lift some commercials to keep things active. Can’t stop at 3 so expect all 8 to show up eventually. I may break it up a bit now that I know there are this many, or maybe I won’t since if you are going to start watching them you may as well watch them all right in a row eh?

This one is the one where a girl gets pulled over by a cop and well…just watch it…lol

Trunk Monkey Commercial: Part 2

Since I started with the Trunk Monkey Commercials I guess I have to put them all up. You can’t just watch one because you always want more. This one is quite funny as well and it looks like these kids have discovered an alternative to Miracle burn. Get chased by a Trunk Monkey! Damn these commercials are so freakin’ hilarious.

Trunk Monkey Commercial: Part 1

haha…totally forgot about this commercial. Probably my favorite commercial of all time. I remember seeing this commercial when I was in a Bed & Breakfast several years back now I think it was and laughing for an hour. This commercial was so successful that there were a few more after it, but this one is by far the funniest one. It is a revolutionary idea you will only find at Suburban Auto Group…lol

Funny Misspellings to Use on Boards (HomoPhobes)

There are a ton of words in the English language that also have a counterpart which sound the same, have a different meaning, and are spelled completely different. Topic titles with the incorrect variation used can lead to some good fun. One of my favorites is the use of the word “pole” instead of “poll”. “Polls” are very common on message boards used for virtually anything like “who is going to get Van Halen tickets?”, “Who will you vote for?”, etc. Fortunately the word “Pole” does not sound any different, but for dirty minds it has some great sexual connotations.

Let’s take 2 examples for using the variations:

Topic Title: “Smoking Poll”
First Post” Who is a smoker?”

Topic Title: “Smoking Pole”
First Post: “Who is a smoker?”
Second Post: “lawl”

Funny eh? Yes…I think so because I am childish.

Anyways there tons of these bad boys out there, but what are they called? Homophones is the name I guess. A homophone is a word that sounds like another word but has a different meaning.

I could waste my time and go into listing every instance out there, but why not check out his enormous list yourself by going here and checking out the words that sound like other words.

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