This Guy Has a Secret


Tripped Out Video: animate

WTF? It is kind of amazing and really messed up at the same time.

Note: Being stoned while watching this may be more appropriate.

Play Space Invaders Online

Got another classic for you. This one is just like Pac Man. Addictive as hell. Space Invaders will waste just as much of your time as that one does so enjoy.

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Wii Dancing

Wow…this might be one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. I was dying laughing when I first watched it. It is such a “WTF!?” kind of video. You will probably have to watch it a few times just to get the full effect of it, but it is definitely worth it. If that isn’t your kind of thing then take a look at this accounts receivable conversion information and tell me what you think.

When Cats Attack